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Blagojevich judge says he'll delay release of juror names

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The judge presiding over Rod Blagojevich's case said today he won't release the names of jurors until 9 a.m. the day after a verdict comes down in the former governor's trial.
U.S. District Judge James Zagel gave the caveat that jurors have no less than 12 hours headway before their identities are made known to the media.
"Essentially, we are telling the jurors how to protect their own privacy," Zagel wrote in an opinion issued today.
In his order, he said jurors with "financial means" might want to get private security.
He also said jurors may be given "no trespassing" signs to post on their property, if they so choose.
Zagel said he was responding to complaints from jurors in Blagojevich's trial last year, who said they were harassed by some members of the media after delivering a mistrial on 23 of 24 counts against the ex-governor.
Zagel rejected pleas from the media to release the names of jurors before the verdict.

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