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Axelrod: Rahm Emanuel's involvement in Blagojevich trial "won't amount to much."

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Political strategist and Rahm Emanuel longtime friend David Axelrod was making the rounds at Emanuel's election headquarters after last night's mayoral victory.
When asked if Emanuel could take the stand in Blagojevich's case, Axelrod shrugged it off.
"I really don't know. Whatever happens happens. But I have every confidence that it won't amount to much," Axelrod said.
Attorneys for Blagojevich have said that mayor-elect Emanuel remains under defense subpoena for the April 20 retrial.
Whether they'll actually call him as a witness, however, remains unclear.
As recently as today, defense lawyer Sheldon Sorosky said they don't know if they will call Emanuel to the stand.

Emanuel was the subject of an alleged extortion by Blagojevich when Emanuel was a congressman. Emanuel was also captured on recordings discussing potential senate candidates and other issues with Blagojevich and his staff in late 2008. None of those recordings were played at trial. Emanuel was not accused of wrongdoing (something Blago's lawyer, Shelly Sorosky took great pains to reiterate at a news conference today).

Emanuel has been the subject of recent defense filings, including the case of the so-called "missing tape" involving an Emanuel call with Blagojevich top aide John Harris the day before the former governor's arrest.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar said any suggestion that prosecutors didn't turn over a tape was "a ridiculous allegation."
"There isn't a missing phone call," Schar said.

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