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Blagojevich friend Tony Rezko asks for new trial -- gets sentencing date

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Lawyers for convicted political fixer Tony Rezko were in court this morning arguing he should win a new trial for his 2008 conviction.

After arguments were through though, U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve set Rezko's sentencing date for Oct. 21.

St. Eve hasn't ruled on whether Rezko's conviction should be tossed because of a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that narrowed the honest services statute used in his prosecution. St. Eve asked skeptical questions of Rezko's lawyers at Friday morning's hearing. She said she would rule at a later date.

Rezko is asking for a new trial even though he continues to cooperate with the government and is being considered as a witness for the prosecution. His lawyers have said he could testify in either Rod Blagojevich's retrial or in the trial of Springfield businessman William Cellini, which is in August.

"Nobody's going to sit where he's been sitting but for the reason he's been cooperating," defense lawyer Joseph Duffy said after court.

Rezko is being held in a Wisconsin county jail.

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Hey Natasha, whats up with the missing Emanuel tapes??? What are the feds saying???

Never fear. Everyone knows Flatfoot Fitzy is preparing his case against Barry for the kickbacks Barry took in connection with the 2003 Facilities Planning Board legislation.

But when do we get the indictment of this pimp Obama?

Funny, it seems he was the friend of another local politician too, but no mention here.

The feds are sooo full of cr@p...they will never let Rezko testify...

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