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Tony Rezko to be sentenced in January. Door closing on testimony.

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Convicted businessman Tony Rezko is scheduled to be sentenced in January for his crimes under Rod Blagojevich, likely putting to rest any speculation that he might testify at the former governor's retrial.

A federal judge set the sentencing date of Jan. 28 this morning at the request of Rezko's attorney.

Defense lawyer Joseph Duffy had said that Rezko, who has been cooperating since after his June 2008 conviction, was ready and willing to tesitfy. Today, there was nothing said on the record regarding the possibility of his testimony.

However, prosecutors have been reluctant to put Rezko on the stand, sources have said.
Prosecutors have publicly said they expect the retrial to be shorter -- an unlikely situation if the baggage-heavy Rezko was to testify.

Typically, defendants do not ask to be sentenced until their cooperation is completed, so that they can reap the benefits of working with the government.

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They should drop the charges against Blagojevich as well...they are just wasting time and money, when they could have a slam dunk...Which leaves the door wide open for conspiracy theories who are specutlating that the feds are protecting Obama by not calling Rezko....Me being one of them...

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