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Rod Blagojevich goes nuts -- updated

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Or, nuts go for Blago.
Either way, it wasn't a mirage. That was indeed former Gov. Rod Blagojevich last night, pitching pistachios in a commercial that aired during game four of the World Series.

In the shot, Illinois' former chief executive is handed a black briefcase by a shady character, Blagojevich opens it and out pours hundreds of pistachios.
He helps himself to one as a voiceover deems: "Rod Blagojevich does it innocently."

Blagojevich's publicity agent, Glen Selig, put out a release about the commercial today and confirms that the former governor has signed on as a pitchman for Wonderful Pistachios and its "Get Crackin'" campaign. He shares the distinction with the punchy "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who was recently arrested on disorderly conduct charges.

Selig did not mention Blagojevich's compensation for the commercial. (Selig could not immediately be reached for comment).
Blagojevich will be using public funds to pay for his defense because he has been deemed indigent after attorneys drained a $2.8 million campaign fund to bankroll his first trial. In August, Blagojevich was convicted of one count of lying to the FBI and faces retrial in April on 23 remaining counts.

***Update*** Selig says Blagojevich's salary from the commercial will not go toward legal bills but will help Blagojevich pay his house bills as he's been out of work since the Illinois Legislature booted him from office in January of 2009.
"I can't disclose how much the governor is being paid," Selig said. "The governor needs money to pay the mortgage. That is where the money is going. He lost his job after he was charged."

Blagojevich spoke only in the news release.

"The contents in the suitcase are like the accusations against me--they're nuts," Blagojevich says in Selig's statement. "I'd been eating these pistachios and enjoying them well before they asked me to do a commercial."

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The ad is hilarious! I'm gonna go buy some pistachios...

Go to their facebook page and tell them you won't be buying their nuts anymore:!/wonderfulpistachios

I too will not buy wonderful nuts any more,nor will I buy any other product Rod or his wife Patti try to sell.Let him get regular job.

Well, time to add another product to my boycott list.

As far as I remember, an individual is innocent until proven guilty. Has the man already been charged?

You won't see me buying these nuts again, and at today's PTA meeting, we all decided that these nuts will be removed from all the vending machines in this school district. If a company is that hard up that they are willing to hire someone that has stolen from the public, that has lied through his teeth, I want no part of it. WONDERFUL PISTACHIOS, guess what, you aren't wonderful in my book anymore. and we are responsible for his legal bills why he pays on a house that was built and worked on with OUR money he stole from us. PLEASE..

The contents in the suitcase are like the accusations against me--they're nuts

Once again, Blago proves to be living in a world of his own. I can respect and appreciate that the man has a mortgage to pay and a family to feed (god knows how long his kids will be in therapy), but does he have to turn the commercial into his own delusional metaphor? Ugh.

Didn't Levi Johnson, sometimes of Bristol Palin, make an ad for these nuts too?

Which one's the nut?

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. Look forward to the Blago cable network. I'm sure it will be quite entertaining. Reality shows, featuring Patti eating worms (not Rod, of course, since he might smudge his suit), get rich quick schemes, real estate deals, hair styling and fashion features and plenty of solicitations to support Blago's Independent Run for President, or BIRP for short. (Call now - operators are standing by). The prime time feature, of course, will be his very own Apprentice show where Blago can play the Mr. Trump role. In the Blago version, the winner will be based upon his or her perceived willingness to financially support BIRP, once BIRP has vetted out the contestant's net worth. No other qualifications are really important though they will be given perfunctory consideration for appearances sake. After all, this is bleeping golden, you can't just give it away! Ah, I can hardly wait. I hope my cable provider will carry it.

Yep! Not buying this brand either!

I will never buy that brand of nuts again...

Now I know which pistachio nuts not to buy.

Now I know which pistachio nuts not to buy.

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