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FBI interviewed Luis Gutierrez in 2008 about Rezko deal

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When Tony Rezko was on trial for corruption under Rod Blagojevich, the feds secretly sat down with a sitting U.S. Congressman with some questions.

The FBI queried U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez in the spring of 2008 about free upgrades he received on a riverfront town house he bought from Rezko. The unit cost less than his neighbors and sold for 40 percent more than for what he bought it.

Read details here: Gutierrez interview

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Where do they get the money?

Every second vehicle on a Cicero street is a $50,000 SUV.

Where do they get the money?

How can these Mexicans get loans to buy homes when third generation Americans get turned down?

Who is giving them the money?

How can third generation Americans living in Cicero be told that they will have to wait a year before they can see a doctor at the clinic on Cermak Road when it is filled with Mexicans and their bandit babies?

Who is giving them free healthcare?

How can American students going to school in Chicago have to deal with rundown buildings and old school books when the Mexicans in Cicero have brand new school buildings and computers and they pay less that 25% in real estate/local taxes to fund those schools? Most claiming to be poor. Guess who pays the rest?

Where do they get the nerve?

Luis is a crook. He has always been. I believe he lived in a house in Bucktown at winchester and Wabansia. New house, all metal and glass. How much money does he make? The house was about 1million
The worse thing is how he pretends to be for hispanics. That is only at voting time. He is Puerto Rican but can morph to Mexican any time he wants, especially to get out the vote.
I am so happy he dropped out of the mayors race.
Chicago is so over-run by illegals of all nationalities, they have exemptions for housing, taxes and assistance for housing. He wants more for the hispanic community. Enough is enough. This is not Cicero or Berwyn where it is almost impossible to live if you are not hispanic or in a gang.
Drive down North Ave or Armitage and see the Spanish Housing Coalition. Where is the NON hispanic office?
Luis promotes this and I for one am sick of it. Our alderman Ray Suarez is open to anyone with a problem, Luis you gotta speak the language.
He is a fake and does nothing good for all citizens. I am not suprised at his taking advantage of a relationship with a man who is in jail. That says it all. Let's open up the can of Luis worms, he's right there with Blago!! It's only a matter of time.

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