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Blagojevich prosecutors take on defense lawyers -- say out of court statements "offensive," inappropriate

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Prosecutors in Rod Blagojevich's case attacked statements made by the former governor's lawyers out of court, calling them "offensive" and "misleading."

In a 34-page filing today, prosecutors challenged statements made by Sam Adam Jr. and Sam Adam Sr., saying they were playing to the next jury by distorting facts at the trial.

At one point, the younger Adam criticized prosecutors in front of TV cameras that the feds target Blagojevich while babies are dying on the street.

"The notion that the government should forgo
prosecution of a corrupt ex-governor is offensive to any sense of justice," prosecutors fired back today. "These misleading statements and others were clearly meant to
improperly influence the jury that will hear this case on retrial."

The filing goes on to say that the Adams, who have since pulled out of representing Blagojevich in his retrial next year, made up false numbers for what the government has spent prosecuting the former governor.

"Defense counsel proceeded to deride the crime of conviction as "noncriminal behavior," and falsely suggested a retrial would cost between $25 million to $30 million, a number that the defense simply made up," they wrote.

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1 Comment

HELLO. The Defense Lawyers no longer are on the case. And, they're free to say what they like. The First Amendment, and all that.

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