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Blagojevich prosecutors: Proof overwhelming of ex-gov's lies

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Prosecutors in Rod Blagojevich's case submitted a 34-page filing today arguing why the sole conviction against the former governor should stand.

Blagojevich's lawyers have previously moved to toss out the conviction for lying to the FBI, but prosecutors today argued that numerous people took the witness stand, backing up the charge.

"Witness after witness at trial testified that defendant was interested in, and kept close track of the progress of fund-raising efforts targeted at specific donors and for specific amounts of money, and their testimony established that defendant's statement to the agents was false," prosecutors wrote in today's filing.

In an interview with the FBI, Blagojevich said he did not keep track of fund-raising and he created a "firewall" between politics and money. Blagojevich in August was convicted of one count of lying to the FBI while the jury was deadlocked on 23 others.
A retrial is scheduled for next year.

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