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Patrick Fitzgerald on Blagojevich: My lips are sealed

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By Natasha Korecki
Federal Courts Reporter/

Rod Blagojevich's lawyer called him "nuts."
Newspaper editorials have criticized his handling of the former governor's case.
And last week, his office dropped charges against one of two defendants.

Still, when it comes to Rod Blagojevich, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's lips remain sealed shut.

"The whole topic, put a big tent over it and I won't touch it, sorry," Fitzgerald said after reporters peppered him with questions at a news conference about honey importers.
On dropping charges against Robert Blagojevich last week?

No comment.

On the Wall Street Journal asking that he step down?


On what his office has learned after hearing from jurors who have commented on the case?

"The office is aware there's a trial that will be coming in January and therefore we will not be commenting," Fitzgerald said.

Earlier this month, a 12-member jury was deadlocked on most counts against Rod Blagojevich, convicting him of just one of 24 counts. Prosecutors have said they are prepared to retry the remaining 23 counts against Blagojevich and the judge in the case said the retrial isn't expected until January.

The news conference involved charges against an illegal honey importing conspiracy that federal investigators said was the largest food customs case ever brought.

It charges that 11 people and six companies avoided $80 million in customs taxes by illegally importing honey from China. The government charges that the conspiracy involved changing labels and pretending the honey was really imported from other countries, including Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia and elsewhere, to avoid hefty customs fees.

According to charges, some of the honey contained antibiotics, which is not allowed by the FDA, Fitzgerald said. There's no accusation that anyone was harmed from the honey.

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Alas, Gerald Pechenuk, the FBI can "create" a whole new interview from scratch. Not an old Chinese method. But just like the Gulf of Tonkin. At the president's request. Just as LBJ also had the umbrella man disappear. And, Oswald was put on the hook.

For Chicago the news doesn't get good. But Daley won't run, again. And, we'll see how far Rahm Emanuel gets on his quest to be mayor. Now, how does Zagel keep a straight face? (Is it an old Chinese trick?) Maybe, it's "laughing on the inside," while thinking he's gonna get to devour Rod and his wife, ahead? I'd put nothing past the criminality of the judge in this case.

Old Chinese Proverb Say: It's Good Thing for Pat Fitzgerald to keep lips sealed, he should have taken his own advice in 2008 when he un-sealed his lips.
Old Chinese Proverb Part II Say: Let transcipt of Obama Interview with Patrick Fitzgerald Office Be Made Public: If Obama innocent, and have nothing to hide, that will be perfectly clear.
If Fitzgerald and Obama have something they wish to hide, it will come out anyway, and as Abraham Lincoln, said, "You can fool some people , all time, all people, some time, most people, most time, BUT NEVER ALL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME."
Come clean Patrick! You do yourself and the nation a disservice otherwise.

So sick of hearing about Blago! Does anyone have some good news to share about Chicago? Sheesh.

Even if he wasn't convicted its still a black mark on Chicago :(

Guide to Chicago's Best

Even money says Rezko wasn't called, because the prosecutors were sure Rod was going to take the stand. And, Rezko would have come out of the woodwork (having HEARD Blago's testimony; yet swearing he kept a pillow over his head. He "didn't hear a thing.")

But the defense did something sensible. They realized the prosecutors hadn't put on a case. And, they said "it's the prosecutor's job to PROVE IT." (Not the defendant's job to "help" the prosecutors. Zagel was just ding-bats, when he said "well, the defense could'a called him, too." HA. HA.)

It's also possible Zagel won't get a second bite of the apple? Some Appeal's judge might notice that Rod wouldn't get a fair trial in front of a Chicago jury. And, so, it's possible IF the trial comes back, there would be a change in venue.

Nothing's certain until it shows up.

By the way, Barnum would tell ya that Blago really doesn't sell tickets. Yes, we come here. But we are just a few. Most people were paying attention to other rings in the circus. And, a lot could happen between "now" and January.

A fair trial in Zagel's courtoom isn't possible.

Ms. Herman;
try decaf in the morning

Did anyone ask if he was going to call Rezko or is he just going through the motions wasting time and money??? Will he add on the Companion Security charges??? Is he still afraid to mention the Obama name??? If he doesn't persue Blagojevich with reckless abandone he should just take his ball and go home...

Patrick Fitzgerald, a corrupt prosecutor in a corrupt "town," kicked the First Amendment in the nuts. It's a shame that the media can inflame (with testimony hand carried to them by this prosecutor), someone who was coming up to trial. That, yes, did end in a hung jury. The judge, however, is a piece of work! And, ALL of our defenses got blown away. Because the media has been (at least since JFK got shot), a hand-maiden to the FBI. The CIA. And, you can throw in the IRS for good measure!

Today? Being pursued by a prosecutor is on par with being selected to be a finalist on a TV show. Take your pick. Jerry Springer. Or Survivor. It's not how our system was meant to work!

And, the lesson for today? Abraham Lincoln horse-traded! Heck, it is information that comes to you via Civil War history. It's not hidden! But back in 1862, ON THE RECORD, Lincoln said "he didn't care one way or the other" about what happened to the slaves! He didn't want to "free slaves" under one general who finally won battles against the South. Said General got a letter to BACK OFF. And, so he did. That slavery ended? Well, the war was contentious. It went on for more than four years. (It would cost Lincoln his life because of evil plotters WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT!) And, yet, the media, itself, loves to play "horsey." Or king-maker. Finally, it turned out, there were so many dead bodies, that the Blacks were called upon to FIGHT. And, fight they did! History is replete with battles were the good guys finally win.

Now, I could care less, what Patrick Fitzgerald has to say!

For comparison, for kids on the Duke La Crosse Team, the ONLY reason they "beat the fake charges" was that one of them left the building ... and went straight to the ATM. Withdrawing money from his account, and SAVING the receipt! IF the prosecutors there, could have, they'd have destroyed the ATM taping's tape. In other words, the 2x4 that should hit you on the head: The police did NOT do their jobs. And, for good measure, the prosecutor lost his law license. (Never gonna happen in Chicago, though!)

Can't get away with crimes for the strangest reasons.

I feel sorry for Rod Blagojevich, and his wife, Patti. And, yes. I feel sorry for a lot of people who see the spot light ... even to run ... as being more work than it's worth. Good people have noticed the "trick" deck.

Going to law school? Turning into its own sham. Going to "journalism school." Seems to be the programs at some colleges and universities are getting cut. (Why? NO JOBS! Imagine having school debt, but you can't earn a living.) It's like solving the problem by having "that" ATM receipt.

We could'a done better. But not in Chicago. And, until legislators figure out how to destroy the Internet, we came up with a pretty good substitute for one's own back fence.

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