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Blagojevich: It's official, father-and-son Adams want out

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The father-and-son team of Sam Adam Sr. and Sam Adam Jr. officially want out of Rod Blagojevich's retrial.

Their bombast -- in and out of the courtroom -- was a cornerstone of the former governor's defense in his first corruption trial that concluded with a deadlocked jury on all but one count.

They've asked the judge in the case to allow them to withdraw as they hit the deadline to do so.

The pair filed a joint motion today in federal court saying that they cannot properly defend the former governor at his new trial because of new rules that will kick in.

Those rules, governed by the fact that public funds will bankroll the defense, dictate that Blagojevich can only have two lawyers. The $2.8 million campaign fund that covered the costs of the first trial last summer has been drained.

"Such notification has made it impossible for the same trial team, which consisted of 14 lawyers, and more than 7 paralegals and staff, to stay intact and vigorously defend the charges as brought by the Government," the two wrote in their filing.

The Chicago Sun-Times first reported in August that the two lawyers told other lawyers in the group that they would pull out. They publicly denied it the day the report came out.

The withdrawals are a considerable blow to the former governor's defense. It was Sam Adam Jr. who gave rousing opening and closing arguments. And Sam Adam Sr. handled the cross examination of key witness John Harris.

However, remaining is Aaron Goldstein, a younger lawyer who handled the questioning of a considerable number of witnesses as did Shelly Sorosky, a longtime Blagojevich family friend, has also said he would stay on.

In their filing, the Adams say they will stay on in advisory positions to help with strategy in the retrial.

Read the filing: click here

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Former Governor need to keep his big mouth shut! The only thing he is guilty of is having a big mouth. He is not a criminal. He is a big shot. But I digress. I had the best benefits when he was Governor. I'm disabled and needed the most of my benefits. He did an awesome job. I worked 20 years, 52 hours a week. I became disabled and I think The former governor did a great job making sure I had as many benefits and I needed. Thank you. I'm like your favorite fan. Wish you were still governor. I miss you....

It's a shame that justice is green. The government gets unlimited funds to prosecute and limits the defense funds. If Governor Blagojevich had purchased a pre-paid legal plan for $26 here in Illinois his entire defense attorney fees in both trials would have been 100% prepaid as the plan covers job related criminal charges with no limit on the amount of attorney fees needed to defend. With over $50 million cash I think they wouldn't have had a problem with the second trial!

Oh, no, this can't be!!! They are denying the public all their worthy entertainment in the next trial? I'm SO disappointed.
Hey, I thought they were friends of Blago, I thought they believed in his innocence, I thought they were going to vigorously defend him to the ends of the earth because they would not put up with the hatchet job that these prosecutors were perpetrating on the fantastic former governor.

I guess friendship only lasts until the checks do, huh?

Why aren't they doing this pro bono?

Why aren't they asking all of Blago's dear friends to help in his defense? Isn't that what George Ryan did, if I'm not mistaken? Throw some fundraisers. Sell some of those clothes; write a book about their experiences.

Geez, what a pathetic pair of father and son. I feel sorry for Jr's little one; what she's going to have to endure once she realizes who she has for a father and grandfather.



That pair of lawyers "believed" in Blago so long as they could rake in millions and increase their style of living. Now that they'd have to essentially "put their money where their mouth is" - they want out. No surprise.

> The prosecution treated the jury,and the public like a bunch of 6 year olds.They tried to make him Dr.Frankenstein to scare them into conviction!One woman juror knew that the”good Doctor,”and the prosecutor were the real”monster.”Justice:Blind but not stupid or afraid.
> Why?Because the whole indictment and trial was a hatchet job.IIRC,the whole thing was a consequence of events revolving around a sit-in strike at a Chicago window manufacturing plant.
> The strikers were going to be locked out of the place where they worked for unexplained reasons.The workers said that they weren’t going anywhere.That desperate act attracted this and other regional MSM outlets like the Tribune,who picked it up and the J-school,s”Five W’s”(Who,what,….)fleshed out a good human interest story.
> The Fourth Estate dug up some facts that the major players-sans the striking workers-had hidden.One huge one was that the manufacturer’s lending institution,Bank of America,(was)who pulled the window manufacturer’s line of credit.Businesses don’t thrive when that give-and-take system is broken.Which one of these two major players,BofA or the owners of the window factory had a need to keep this story out of the news?Well,of course,it was the BofA,flush with taxpayer’s bank bailout funds.How would it look if they were caught crying poor-mouthed while running someone out of business,at the same time they’re”sucking dry the government’s bailout teat?”
> But,even after that revelation the BofA weren’t going to change their policy.Until Governor Blagojevich,standing in front of the window plant and surrounded by cheering strikers,announced to the media”that the State of Illinois would no longer do business with the BofA!”
> Check,Blago!
> The BofA was backpedaling after the Governor’s chess move gave him advantage,but the game wasn’t over.The BofA is called the”CIA’s bank”for its alleged money laundering for the Agency.They have longer arms than the law enforcement agencies,and a longer memory!
> Insiders in the BofA say they were furious by being”checked”by a mere State Governor,Blago,so they”called in their markers”in the FBI and the US Atty’s office.It was ALLEGED that the calls were similar to this:
> CIA:FBI,what do you have in your files on the Governor?
> FBI:We have a little sh*t on him,but not much.What do you need?
> CIA:We want to have him indited,removed from his post as a sitting Governor,bankrupt him AND his wife and family,convict him of anything that’ll stick him in prison.
> FBI:We’ll share what we have on wiretaps and paper with the US Atty.Is this about him threatening to freeze you out of your money that you make in the state?Hahaha!?
> CIA:Damn right!Nobody threatens us,especially about our business.You tell that Mick Prosecutor that,if he doesn’t get that Pollok convicted,his days as a US Atty are numbered.We’ll be checking on both of you in the next few days.Make some big openings on your calendars,we’ll be there!
> Checkmate,CIA!
> So here we are!the only”decree crap”that stuck was that he”lied to the FBI.”Thank God that the Prosecution’s crap shoot rolled snake eyes on one fair,impartial juror.The US Prosecutor did get a”conviction,”courtesy of the FBI!Without an appeal,Blago does 20 months in prison.He’ll never be a politician again.
> But the vendetta may backfire in the CIA’s face if this is common knowledge.The man on the street could realize that he was railroaded and could hold him up as a persecuted hero.
> This man on the street hopes that he’ll be vindicated as a hero.
> You guys need to read Sherm Skolnick’s Reports.He has a Chicago area blog.

federals drop this charges and add others just to stir things up a bit, but I doubt it.

Anyone who needs 14 lawyers is guilty!

Natasha the Trib is reporting that Rezko pleaded guilty and is prepared to cooperate in the Blagojevich trial...What's up??? What are the chances with Rezko cooperation that the feds will add on new charges to the original indictment??? Hopefully Companion deal, keeping my fingers crossed...

It was originally speculated AFTER the verdict that the Adams would leave as his attorney, so this is not new or surprising. I would also guess that they reco'd that the Governor cop a plea, serve the time for the one count, which knowing Blago, he refused to do.

"just goes to show you that lawyers are only in it for the money..once blago's well ran dry, out go the attorneys!!!!! they are snakes" --- do you work for free?

just goes to show you that lawyers are only in it for the money..once blago's well ran dry, out go the attorneys!!!!! they are snakes

These trials are very very costly, they said George Ryan's trial was about $20 million but was donated by his lawyers...I would think the second trial would not be as costly seeing all the ground work is pretty much already done....Unless??? The fed's drop some charges and add others just to stir things up a bit, but I doubt it.

How did they go through $2.8 million that fast? Is that information public?

Money's all gone.

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