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You might have to help Blagojevich pay legal bills

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Today, we examine the possibility that taxpayers may end up picking up the remaining
tab on Rod Blagojevich's legal bills.

There is only $75,000 left in the $2.8 million kitty and his defense team hasn't yet billed for the month of July -- arguably the most intense month for the defense since the 2009 indictment.

During his trial, Rod Blagojevich's finances were summed up to jurors by his own lawyer:
"He's broke, man, BROKE! When I say broke, I mean BROKE!" Sam Adam Jr. screamed in his closing argument.
Perhaps he knows best.

The former governor's campaign fund, which is paying his lawyers, has dwindled to its last dollars, opening the door to tap into taxpayer money.

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Why? we always pay to help a politicians would he get off his ass to help a common person HELL no it wouldn't cost so much if he ether can get a lower cost lawyer or plead Guilty and Quit the B.S. the the problem is all our politicians are crooks we need to change the name cook county to crook county and another thing we help him then the next one and the next one when will it stop even when you reply to news Medea there scared to ask Questions that are suggested to them I think any good or real Questions are taboo he has to homes sell them and get an apartment like any one else would or rent basement living Quarters from his shyster Lawyers they can put him up or hopefully he is GUILTY and now he has a place to stay

Thank you
M Hutter

I would much rather my tax money be used to defend against government abuse such as this prosecution. Where in the U.S. Constitution does it empower Congress to adopt criminal laws for the punishment of state officials? If you can find it, let me know. How about a corollary power in the states to punish federal officials for all of their graft and outright corruption? I am not interested in what some Supreme Court Judges may have "construed". I want the precise language which indicates a specific intention to confer this power upon our out of control federal government. Too often these prosecutions are designed solely for political persecution. If I could opt out of supporting the feds, as a "law abiding" and taxpaying citizen, I would do so.

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