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Inside the Rod Blagojevich investigation and related cases

What's weighing on Blagojevich jurors -- here's a rundown of counts, evidence.

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The complicated case against Rod Blagojevich involves 24 counts and various alleged schemes -- from the selling the U.S. Senate seat, to holding up funding to a children's hospital.

As jurors seem poised to begin day seven of their deliberations Thursday, here's some of the evidence they are considering in each of the allegations.

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This is great! I made a hard copy of this article. And, I sent a copy to a lawyer friend. (Sure. The government can convict you of eating a ham sandwich.)

And, once, on Candid Camera, on a show that went to prove innocent people could break the law ... they gave a man a pack of cigarettes. And, the camera followed behind him. He was so careful! He carefully opens the pack of cigarettes. Even putting the cellophane into his pocket! At the end of the walk, where the man had to light one cigarette ... And, where, after blowing out the match, he also put the match into his pocket. HE. BROKE. THE. LAW!

He did not rip the little blue seal that's in the middle of the pack of cigarettes. He was so careful, when he opened the pack, that he carefully unfolded just the foil over 1/3 the pack. To remove the one cigarette he had to light.

Sure. I can remember something fifty years later! It was a great show. SMILE, YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA!

I'm still betting an engineer is the foreman. Tackling a mountain of papers, is within the field of training. And, it's interesting, too, that NO MORE NOTES have come out from the jurors. We've just got to wait.

And, thank you so much for the "Count Sheet" ... Two pages. Hard copied. One small reference to "racketeering." And, where Zagel saw "evidence" the charge of "racketeering," I just saw standard, and usual, political talk. You don't think I talk? Who knew this crap could send you to jail. (While Obama is in Chicago, now, raising more money from his hoodlum friends.) Zagel doesn't see a thing, here, folks.

Our system is so topsy turvy! While, maybe, Obama is just spending time in Chicago so he can go to the steam room? (I'm gonna fight those handcuffs!)

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