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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Chris Fusco

The jury has found former Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty on just one of the 24 corruption counts against him -- count 24, making false statement to the FBI.

That count alleges that the ex-governor lied to federal agents in 2005 when they questioned him about "pay to play" politics. He told the agents he kept his fund-raising and politics separate.

That charge carries a maximum five-year prison term and $250,000 fine.

This means the jury was divided on all 23 remaining counts against the ex-governor, and on all four counts against his brother, Robert.

Judge James Zagel said he would declare a mistrial on those 23 counts. He said he would give prosecutors until Sept. 7 to decide if they wanted to retry the case, but Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar wasted no time in responding.

"It is absolutely my intention to retry this ... as quickly as possible," Schar said.

When the verdict was read, there wasn't a visible sense of relief at the defense table. Rod Blagojevich looked at the jury and shook his head. It appears the defense was hoping for some acquittals.

After the jury left, Sam Adam Jr. sat next to Rod and put his arm around him, looking as if he were consoling him. He now has to go through this again.

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How about we take what's left of tax payer money and do something useful. Let's try George W for war crimes and starting all this shit!

A sad sad day indeed for justice, one of THE symbols of this once-great country, when a single lone juror can hold out their NOT guilty opinion against 11 sane individuals. Did this person see a pot of gold waiting for them, their MILLION $$$ on talk shows and book deals after the fact ??? I hope their IS a re-trial and after they find Rod guilty on 14 counts of 24 (because yes a case with some holes but not THIS many holes) I hope they go back and throw this lone hold-out loser in jail too !!! JUSTICE ? Here ? PAH. !!!

Comical jury result, looks as though the jury was split on 2 sides, one being the truth the other being a stop guilty at all cost. I don't have any doubt that some of these jurors will never speak to the media in regards to how and why they voted the way they did. I seems that Rods ability to speak and capture an audience beyond his immediate approach are as strong as ever.

This Prosecutor is a loser!!!! I doubt the tax payers want to pay for this all over again...

What a loser this Prosecutor. I betcha the Blago wins on appeal for the purported False Statements to the FBI. This was a weak case to begin with although entertaining. Everyone from Justin Bieber (Go Justin!) to the masses adopting the Blago Cut. I know a barber who has a chalk drawing of the Blago cut right up there with the Prince Valiant and other stylish hair styles.

I dobt this Prosecutor's superiors will permit another re - try and I betcha they are spankin the lad at this very moment for making public comments that he will re-try the case.

Yes the Blago is a creep however I ain't wakin up next to him.

Therefore, and in consideration of the prima facie evidence....


This should be a lesson to all who think it is to their advantage to speak with an FBI agent about a matter in which they are a potential criminal subject. It is almost always a mistake, and this is but one of many cases where a defendant is not convicted of the underlying crime but is found guilty of the independent crime of lying to a federal agent. To take an extreme example, if you are driving 55 mph on a national park road where the speed limit is 60, but tell a park ranger you were going 50, you are not guilty of speeding but guilty of the federal crime of making a false statement! Please, please, please learn to keep your mouth shut!

It's on tape when Obama lied through his regarding his staff not talking to Blagojevich or in knowing about his senate seat.

Interesting that there were NO acquittals. I'd love to know what the votes were on each count. My bet it they were leaning toward guilty all the way thru.

Last Thursday, didn't the jurors say they had "2 in the bag?"

Where did one go? Seems that as this went around the table, a juror, two or three, fell off the band wagon?

By now "giving closure" ... the downside for Blagojevich isn't there. He entered into this thing with the politcal winds against him. While for the democrats? You think this is a great timing device? The way forward doesn't blow up on the idea that "your votes don't mean anything" if the legislature decides to pull out the winners, and substituting their own fools?

Why didn't Zagel allow the count to be known? At least on the one vote that seemed to carry unanimity ... but can no longer be found.

How did the Feds end up ahead, here? You talk to them and you go to jail? Well, from now on, citizens have to keep their lips sealed.

I hope there's an Appeal just the same! Stinko jury instructions. Let alone the Supreme Court has blessed jury nullifacations.

I find it interesting that there were NO acquittals. I'd love to know the votes; I'd bet there were more guilty votes than not guilty.

Carol Herman, please just go away. Keep your progressively more goofy comments to yourself, and, henceforth, remain silent, please.

Loser prosecution!!!!!!

Thanks for wasting tons of tax money!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Loser prosecution.

He should not get anything for that charge. Clinton was guilty of lying under oath in a Grand Jury Investigation and nothing happened to him. They needed a guitly verdict on the other charges to put him away.

If the Feds plan to re try him for anything, it is beyonfd tiome to subpoena the White House staff, including the First Lady. It is time to learn how Chicago does things.

Same count (lying to the FBI) brought jail time to Martha Stewart. Didn't affect her media empire at all.

And, who knows? What if there's fault found in Zagel's instructions? While the jurors, including the alternates, want their day in the sun.

Oh, yeah. The "forfeiture" thing. Even though the value on Rod & Patti's house is higher than the top fine of $250,000.

Patrick Fitzgerald should find a way to make molds out of Abraham Lincoln figurines. And, he can stick a rotating skewer through it. And, sell "toasted marshellows" at Halloween. Because, "why let a rotating figure in his grave" go to waste?

6 months soup kitchen time.

Now let's go after Obama.

It's Chicago........what did you expect!

This is effin golden!

Either Jury Nullification or the jury felt sorry for the smallest fish in a very dirty pool of water. I am not defending Blago, but it is clear he is a product of a culture that tolerates questionable political conduct and the people are not angry enough do anything about it.

Three Cheers for Obama corruption.
I mean Blago corruption.

Blago didn't throw the main man under the bus
-- and in return --
Barry Soetoro made sure the bus didn't hit Blago!
(buying off jurors with stimulus money!)

Three cheers for corruption!

Give him a Lindsey Lohan sentence and be done with it

Obama told him too...

Seriously..... Really??????

Thrown out on appeal and he walks 100% free.

Bigger shock is that his was not convicted on the other 24 counts. The prosecution put together a weak case, in what should have been a slam dunk.

Now they need to try obama, rahm, axlerod, gibbssee

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