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Sam Adam Jr.: I'd want Danny DeVito to play me in a movie

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Dave McKinney

Attorneys are gathering outside Judge Zagel's courtroom for a morning check-in -- although the reason for the meeting is unclear. A crowd of reporters is chatting while they wait; prosecutors are camped out down the roped-off hallway, outside the judge's closed door.

Earlier, defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. chatted with the media in the cafeteria downstairs. He said Rod Blagojevich remains mostly homebound while he awaits the verdict, but is keeping up his jogging routine.

Someone asked Adam an off-the-cuff question: If this story were turned into a movie, what actor would play you?

His answer: Danny DeVito.

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The people of Illinois are close, yet again, to having their former Governor sent to the slammer, and his attorney clowns around about who should play him in the movie. Shameful, all of it, shameful. Sam Adam, Jr. has yet to realize that this is NOT about him.

You think you are so worthy of an attorney to actually have a movie made about you. That statement is only worthy of comedy and tragedy.

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