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Rod Blagojevich's jury is back in -- Day 11

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Yes, the jurors deciding Rod Blagojevich's are back today. No, they haven't given any sign of where they stand now that they are starting Day 11 of their deliberations.

Jurors in the trial of former Gov. George Ryan deliberated for 11 days -- but that was after they were reconstituted (two jurors were kicked off and they started over). And it was after sitting through a six-month trial.

In a news availability yesterday, Sam Adam Jr. noted that jurors in this case have been out just as long and the trial ran only 29 days.

"That's pretty cool," Adam Jr. said yesterday.

Here's today's story about the defense wishing jurors had heard from Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.: Click here,CST-NWS-blago11.article

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