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Rod Blagojevich skips lunch, opts for a Snapple

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Abdon Pallasch

In the courthouse cafeteria, Rod Blagojevich walks up to random people, shaking their hands.

"Enjoy your lunch," he says.

Asked what he's eating for lunch, the ex-governor points to his Snapple, not saying a word. He's sitting with Patti, who does appear to be eating some food.

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Well, if nothing else, the jurors are using time wisely. And, really doesn't seem to be trusting the judge all that much.

How long before the 12 agreed to the contents of the note?

And, even more interesting, how the defense told the judge to change the word "VOTE" to "DECIDE" ... or he'd be adding special instructions, as an intrusion into what's going on "in there."

To think that on Day #3, the prosecutors were already seeking "forfeiture," while the jurors, themselves, have learned the art of keeping their cards concealed.

You're going to get people to change their minds now? Seems that if Patrick Fitzgerald was expecting a "slam dunk" ... he hasn't even made a rim shot. While it's possible that the only 'tool' the judge has to keep them "deliberating." Until they give him a "count." The next note out should be the one that details the "split." Hopefully, more than just one against 11.

Is it a Snapple from the Celebrity Apprentice finale?

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