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Rod Blagojevich jurors: And ... we move on to day 6

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Rod Blagojevich jurors have left the building.

They've concluded their fifth day of deliberations once again without sending a note.

They're expected to return Wednesday to continue their talks.

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I think your right Carol...jurys are a way more careful nowadays. Im still thinking they are hung....this length of time shows me there is a hold out.

Is anybody watching to see if the jurors arrive with fresh haircuts? And, cleaner clothes? Wouldn't that be a give-away on progress?

While in the jury room, they are behind the scenes. They don't want to come out and flop like the OJ jurors. And, in taking their time, the first note that went out ("could they have the prosecutor's cheat sheet of a close," and the answer came back NO. How did they take this news?)

Does anybody try this out with 11 friends? Just to see what it must be like for ordinary people?

I'm still guessing that the easy part was picking their foreman. And, for some reason I keep thinking "engineer." Someone who convinced them not to belt out a decision, because the cameras are going to swirl around them, once they come out.

This, alone, tosses all the rules in the air. Quick decision? No way, after OJ.

I'm even suspicious that the clowns (oops, I meant Patrick Fitzgerald's clowns), are calling a hearing tomorrow, in the hopes of not only rolling out forfeiture; but of getting face time, again on TV.) It's as if Patrick Fitzgerald were a giant Preparation H suppository.

When the jurors come in dressed in their best, you'll know it's not just TGIF.

The longer they wait the better it looks for Blago. In my opinion, the feds have only proven that they can accuse anyone they want of a crime (interpretation of the law), bankrupt that person in the process of the trial, and have no guilt proven by the end of a trial. It's apparenet the brightest and best are definitely not working for the Federal Government these days. That includes you BLAGO.

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