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Robert Blagojevich on testifying against his brother: "I've got nothing bad to say about him."

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In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Robert Blagojevich discussed his battle with the federal government as well as the financial and emotional impact on his life.

As for his brother's next trial, he vowed not to turn on the former governor.

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The LIE that Blagojevich was convicted by 11 members of the jury, seems to prove, yet again, that most of the media can't do math. Since there were 24 charges. And, at least from the juror's notes, you know that HALF of the charges never even saw VOTES. PERIOD. How does that become 11 to 1 ???

My hat's off to the juror who saw through the fake "complexity" ... and guessed right.

Will Appeals judges ever visit this case? I doubt it it. But will there be a re-trial? On that score I'll go and offer odds of 50/50.

Was Rod Blagojevich convicted in the media? YOU BET. But since when do they get a ticket to contrive justice by squeezing the First Amendment?

I'm also glad JoAnn kept her cool. "Closed down" is the word one juror used. While "stare down" should have been noticed, right away, as a bar fly trying to intimidate a woman sitting on her bar stool. The man was a moron.

Which proves how you get to sit on a jury. I told a girl friend of mine (who happens to be a soap box Catholic), that one way to get off doing jury duty, is just to bring her bible with her. And, when she's asked a question, she could sort'a check the pages, the way you would a phone book. (It's not illegal, yet, to carry your bible.) She could also wear a huge cross around her neck.

It's not as if people aren't looking for more reasons to avoid getting a jury summons, ya know?

Meanwhile, here? Justice was served. It was a miracle.

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