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Robert Blagojevich on dropped case: "It's just a joyous moment."

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In an interview just minutes after learning federal prosecutors had dropped the case against him, Robert Blagojevich said his wife cried at the news.

"It's stunning,'' Robert Blagojevich said after receiving a text message and cell phone call from his lawyer, Michael Ettinger, informing him he was "free.''

"The government did the right thing,'' Robert said. "They did the right thing.''

He said he and his wife, Julie, have called friends and they plan to go out for a steak dinner tonight.

Robert Blagojevich also said he plans to give his attorneys a "winners' bonus" for their work.

"They deserve it," he said.

For more, read the full story on charges being dropped against Robert: Click here

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Prosecutors can't use the Grand Jury system to go after indictments they can't get by collecting evidence. Including, collecting evidence NOT associated with "confessions of guilt."

Our system hangs "awry." The shoved the old respect out the window, with J. Edgar Hoover's red feather boa.

Not that there aren't differences of opinion. But as Buckley said back in the 1960's, he'd rather be "ruled" by the first 100 names in the Boston phone book, than by anybody at haarvahd. (The truth's caught up with that observation.)

But our laws? Are old. If we want our laws do deal with the Internet, the self-serving legislative "authorities" would rob us blind.

You know, I can't imagine there wasn't a discussion between Rod and Obama, because it was, in fact, the seat that was gonna get filled, when Obama did better than McCain.

In today's world, everybody forgets how poorly McCain showed in that race!

But, as far as we know, the bamster had "no opinion." Frightening that people can't talk among themselves about topics of interest. But the FBI is out there. And, they want what they can get by turning people into mobs. (You didn't know that was the media's trick with our First Amendment?) HELLO.

Good for the government in dropping the charges.

If I was Fitzgerald I would immunize Robert Blagojevich and then present him to the Grand Jury. Robert should be asked exactly what did Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his brother, Yusef Jackson, offer if Congressman Jackson was named to fill the vacant United States Senate seat? He can fill in the answers and then Fitzgerald will actually know if Blago was looking for a bribe!

Congrats to Rob. I always thought he was a stand up guy just trying to help his doofus brother. Maybe he will be a witness against Rod now. After watching Rod's media blitz, I hope they throw the book at him.

Okay ... And, the wife is left hanging? PLUS, Rod and his wife are bankrupted. Thanks to the government's prosecution. And, now Zagel says: "Only two lawyers." Because it's the public's dime.

I actually thing the biggest hurdle is that Zagel went to law school. We'd be better off if we used a law school degree as a person being too inept to hold public office.

Because nowhere in our Constitution does it say the government has a right to bankrupt you. The government pays no penalty price. And, the "only defendants worth defending" are people who are "popular." And, "liked."

Too bad our US Constitution doesn't apply! Too bad no one looked at the FBI, and their role in attacking politicians, from the murder of JFK, on down!

The only good news? Devils like LBJ and Nixon met their own fates. As if we don't even need laws to see what circumstances eventually yields?

While we're watching our government slide into the gutter.

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