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Prosecutors just yesterday offered Rob Blagojevich a separate trial

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Today prosecutors announced they would drop all charges against Robert Blagojevich.

But just yesterday, they had a different proposal.

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I don't get it. How can a judge who held a "forfeiture conference" in his courtroom, before the hung jury verdict ... Now go and claim because Rod and his wife are bankrupt, he can dictate LESS defense?

Don't we have laws in this country that stipulate you're innocent until the government proves you guilty? What's this big idea of using the government's force to bankrupt you. And, then the judge throws you up against the wall, with a sing-song, "because now the taxpayers are funding the defense."

When did law school apparatchiks fall asleep at the switch?

The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal are now after Patrick Fitzgerald! So, two newspapers, and their clout, are going after the true cause of this mishap.

That the FBI was dealing from the bottom of the deck? HELLO! According to an interview Rod Blagojevich just did on ABC News (for whatever it is worth), it seems the FBI wanted Rod to "flip" so they could get Obama.

Yup. We've got a messed up FBI. Since Kennedy was killed. But it never did upset any of the feathers in the "nest," so to speak.

As to Zagel, he has to "begin to worry" he can get to look bad! (If you think it's legal to persecute a politician, go right ahead.) But there's a lot of anger out there. And, believe it or not, when the focus arrives at how our US Constitution has been subverted; to say nothing of how poorly our men and women have been used in the military ... I think the truth "could arrive." Finally. Instead of the way it is. One by one, we know. And, yes. We've been called everything under the sun. From "conspiracy theorists" to "birthers."

Rod Blagojevich hasn't tired the media out, yet.

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