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No word from Rod Blagojevich as he leaves the courthouse

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Abdon Pallasch

Rod Blagojevich has left the Dirksen Federal Building after learning that the jury in his federal corruption trial may be deadlocked on some or all of the counts against him.

The ex-governor kept unusually hush-hush as he left the building, walking past a huge crowd of media without saying a word. He did pause briefly outside to shake hands with well-wishers.

"Thank you," Blagojevich waved as he got in his car.

A few paces behind, Blagojevich's lawyer Sam Adam Sr. was asked, "Did you understand that note?"

"No, of course not," he said.

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Be interesting if one reason the jurors don't pepper the judge with notes is that they DON'T like him! Yes, they sent out two notes in the beginning. One for the prosecutor's close. (Turns out it's not a legal request.)

And, one note for EVERY WORD OF TESTIMONY. And, again, the judge said NO. So, they've been methodically debating among themselves for the rest of the 12 days. As polite as can be. (Because in Ryan's case, two jurors were pulled out of the room; and when the two new alternates came in, the "deliberations" had to start from scratch.)

If, meanwhile, some of the jurors are not accepting the fact that the ACTS constitute 'breakage of the law' ... it's hard to see how the judge can fix this. Yes, he's asking if they've agreed on any of the charges. (To add to the mix, some charges carry 20 years. While others, which seem split from the main pieces, carry an additional 5 years. Or 10 years. If you're taking this to the MAX.)

The judge, it seems, is curious to know where the splits are. And, if anything at all has been resolved. Would the prosecutors dare bring these charges, again, if this jury is hung? How do you send a man to prison if some of the charges, here, are hung? Seems, if nothing else, there's enough intelligence on this jury that they don't fight among themselves.

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