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Mayor Bloomberg's guy is focus of #Blagojevich jury. Here's what he said.

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Rumors of a mistrial, hung jury or partial verdict ran rampant this morning.

Then jurors in Rod Blagojevich's case threw us a curve ball.

They've asked for a complete transcript of testimony of a governor's onetime aide.

Bradley Tusk's June 21st testimony was relatively brief and came on a busy trial day.
Tusk, a onetime aide to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, testified about an alleged shakedown scheme contained in the government's indictment.

Tusk said while he was deputy governor of Illinois Blagojevich told him he wanted a message delivered to then-U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel: A $2 million grant for the Chicago Academy, a school in Emanuel's district, was on hold unless his brother, Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, held a fund-raiser.

Ari is the inspiration for the "Entourage" character, Ari Gold.

Tusk said he didn't deliver the message but called Blagojevich's lawyer to tell him: "You need to get your client under control."

Tusk's time on the stand came on a big day for the trial.
Racetrack owner John Johnston testified in the morning for the prosecution and the day former chief of staff John Harris also took the stand.

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How many times do I have to read the blather that Ari Emmanuel was the inspiration for the stupid character on TV.

Earth to Natasha...most of us would not waste our time on Entourage...and most of us now knowing that Ari was "the inspiration for the "Entourage" character, Ari Gold" could not be paid to watch it.

What I really want to know is whether the author--Natasha Korecki--was named after the Natasha in Rocky & Bullwinkle.

Yes you can APPEAL! And, you can even appeal the judge's jury instructions. Since the defense is just "waiting." Never taking issue with Zagel, I wouldn't be surprised they are prepared to appeal.

How can the jurors convict, here? Once they are back in court, they will be asked about the "complexity." In other words? You've got the same speech from the wiretaps, feeding into both the bribery and racketeering charges. But it is very, very COMPLEX.

Are the jurors gaming the system? Well, I find it odd that their response to Thursday's note to "poll" around the able ... was met with a closed door. Fridays, as a jury meeting day flew out the window. And, on Monday morning they come in, and send a note.

So, this is twisting in the wind, huh? And, "exchanges" don't happen when legislators meet lobbyists? And, Ben Nelson, who fold for the Cornhusker's payoff on health care ... was operating above board, riight?

And, the jurors are in complete isolation, again, huh?

Rahm's older brother becomes the agent for a conviction, here? HELLO. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

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