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Jury's gone -- deliberations move to next week

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Jurors in Rod Blagojevich's case have left for the weekend, working just half the day as promised.

They'll be back on Monday to begin day nine.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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Does anyone else remember JFK's remark that his "back surgeon should have read one more book?" Okay. Matt Labash talks about an FBI wiretap that took out Governor Edwin Edwards of Louisiana. He ran, by the way, and won, against David Duke. His bumper sticker read: VOTE FOR THE CROOK. IT'S IMPORTANT

The FBI has been involved in politics for much too long. And, today? It seems Patrick Fitzgerald (per a WAPO article), is aiming his sites at DC. Where he wants to take over Mueller's job as head of the FBI. Can he? Such a can of worms.

Meanwhile, this jury seems to be going on and on. As if they need to jam a puzzle together.

And, according to Matt Labash. Do you know how stupid the jurors were in Edwin Edwards trial? Well, they asked the judge for a dictionary, so they could look up "extortion."

And, the case came back with conviction. But only with 11 jurors. Because the judge tossed "Juror #68" off the jury; when he proved he was the lone holdout.

Was that case appealed? I have no idea! Do more people pay attention these days because we have an Internet? Well, its better than TV. We've not only reached the end of the road of Dan Rather; Walter Cronkite is also dead. Where will we find our victories?

Orchestrated! Jurors to world: "SWEAT"

But, maybe, even if they want to find the lot guilty ... they need to "inventory check" ... so they can align the stock with the charges?

They are also the "ANTI-OJ MOB"

Yeah, once Americans paid attention to jurors! Till the OJ jurors discovered "no fame. No fortune. For them." Where, today, most people HATE to receive a juror's summons in the mail. And, the "old-fashioned" system ... where older folk would hang out at the courthouse; and get to know the lawyers. Who'd call them in anytime they needed an extra body. This group is rehearsing A CHORUS LINE

There's no respect shown for people who work! To get on this jury? It begins when your absence from a real job ... doesn't matter at all. And, where postal workers look for the longest assignments.

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