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Jurors gone for the day

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Day four of deliberations has come and gone without a peep from the jury in Rod Blagojevich's case.

The 12-member jury has left for the day.

We'll be back on Tuesday.

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Okay. Let's say we're in for the long haul. And, let's say the jury foreman is an engineer. And, nobody wants to be called an "OJ juror!" That's just a pipe dream that the jury would just come out, after five minutes, or even five days, and say "they've got the verdict."

Especially if an engineer is the foreman. Which would explain the need for all the paperwork; including the request for the prosecutor's closing arguments. (The defense attorney is not in business to seek to get his client convicted! But the prosecutors are in such a business!)

And, no decent engineer will just grant everyone the chance to vote ... without examining every drawing. Every shred of evidence. Which could mean, if people went in to HANG 'EM BOTH ... the blood lust also exits. And, business, being thorough, has no guarantees written into outcomes.

Heck, as "time goes by" there's a possibility that the jurors get to the courthouse each day; and the frenzy is over? So, they deliberate? Maybe, one day one of them will write a book? But it won't be called "slam dunk." And, we've just got to wait it out. Does time guarantee people won't be left unhappy? We live in America. There's always someone whose gonna be left unhappy.

But as I've said, before. Americans forgave Martha Stewart. Her business empire, which was the reason, in the first place, she got attacked, did not go under. And, she didn't have to sell it off. As a matter of fact she's more successful now, than ever! Because? Americans always forgive people who get humbled in the ring. Or the courthouse.

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