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Jon Stewart to Blagojevich on Daily Show: "I'd like to see you as a victim -- but you make it so hard."

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The Rod Blagojevich media tour 2010 stopped at the Daily Show this evening and funnyman Jon Stewart goes hard at Blagojevich's tough talk on TV.

Stewart tells Blagojevich he'd like to see him as a Dickens' character. But ...

"I'd like to see you as a victim -- but you make it so hard," Stewart says, dramatically lowering his head.

Blagojevich maintained that prosecutors lodged the loftiest of charges against him and still couldn't convict him of corruption.
"They threw everything at me but the kitchen sink ... everyone thought I was a scumbag around the world, right?" Blagojevich said. "That's what I'm up against."

Stewart played back a tape of Blagojevich from a year ago when he then tried to explain his words on tape: "I've got this thing and it's f---ing golden." In 2009, Blagojevich explains that in the next few words that prosecutors didn't reveal at the time, he talks about health care for Illinois. But the now-released tape shows Blagojevich actually discussed
parachuting himself into the Senate seat spot and calling President Obama a "demigod."

"The reality of what you said is very different," Stewart says.

Blagojevich hems and haws as he tries to explain: "Listen to the whole tape."

Stewart cuts him off: "Is this why you didn't take the stand?" the audience laughs.

Stewart then continued to grill Blagojevich for promising to take the stand but failing to do so at his trial.

"Do you promise to take the stand the next time you're indicted?" Stewart asks to many laughs.

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Carol, what you and everyone else of your mentality don't realize is, the "horse trading" was just tip of the iceberg. I would bet that all the real dirty stuff that this guy was a part of just to get into office would make your head spin.It must be remembered that his dealmakers (Resko,Kelly) were the ones whom did the bidding and most of the nasty business was covered up as to not shock the average citizen as well as identify individual victims who were targeted by this criminal enterprise.

Hey Natasha; under the freedom of information act are you allowed the minutes from the 2 hour meeting with Obama and Fitzgerald???

Horse Trading SHOULD NOT further or fatten an indivdual's personal finances, as was so clearly the case w/ Blago. Horse trading among politicians is more of vote for my position and we will see if "bacon" can be sent to your home state, county or district.

The Blagojevich brothers, and Rod's wife, were all entitled to a fair trial. Didn't get one. Got publicity, instead.

The Daily Show is also a form of publicity. Like a whore house that delivers sex, it cannot deliver love. (And, sometimes? You don't get love in a marriage, either.)

Doesn't mean people wouldn't want to see fair trials. And, not biased judges. As this clown, Zagel, gets another bite of the apple. And, he's already telling Rod the government won't pay for six attorneys. He'll have to do with "court approved" counsel. Which the taxpayers pay for. While the government? Has a limitless budget.

Won't look good in history. But, then, neither did the Kennedy assassination. Which people now confuse with Oliver Stone. While some of the bastards met their own ends. LBJ didn't win. And, Nixon tossed his win, aside.

That's what all politicians do.

And, even Abraham Lincoln horse-traded.

@Big Papi:

If you'd spent any time watching The Daily Show, you'd know many of his interviews with political figures will run longer than the show's time slot will allow, and they always put the entire, unedited interview up for you to see -- if you choose not to take that extra step to get the whole story, that's your loss.

The story about Fox News is hardly nonsense; it's the truth, albeit presented in a humorous format -- sorry if seeing your favorite news channel mocked for their own shortcomings put you on the defensive to the point where you couldn't refute the message & were forced to attack the messengers instead.

As for Jon Stewart's name, you're apparently not familiar with the entertainment industry; you might as well ask why didn't Marion Morrison use his real name?

"Blago you're a fool" -- well, at least you got that part right...

Blago did nothing for the people of Illinois - he only worked 2-8 hours a week - how may hours a week do you work? He deserves to be retried - he wasn't found not guilty. And, none of the Fed. money will make it to cleaning up the streets of Chicago - that's a whole other can of worms. I can't believe people are making him out to be a folk hero - he's a crook - just like Ryan. I've spent 20+ years working (honest work) in this state and my pension is gone. What is he living off of. And, why in his wildest dreams did he think Obama was going to appoint him to a cabinet post....

Patrick Fitzgerald did not prove his case! As to the jurors, they had a huge menu of charges. And, one juror said "it was like being handed the manual to fly the space shuttle."

The whole thing is way too complex. Rod Blogojevich is a POLITICIAN. And, believe it or not, they ALL HORSE TRADE! Even Abraham Lincoln "HORSE TRADED."

If there was a justice system you could respect, Patrick Fitzgerald should have been forced to turn in his law license, as soon as he went on TV and said "Abraham Lincoln was rolling in his grave!" It was Fitzgerald who played to the cameras! Worse, the way a seated governor was just tossed out of his elected office.

Go look at Australia, now. Look what happened to the female who bounced out RUDD. And, took over as "prime minister" without an election.


Sure. Scooter Libby was nicer than Rod Blagojevich. It's still an injustice.

Well, Big Papi, you just don't agree with Stewart, that's fine. I do agree with him, as he pretty much says what I want to say. But anyway,let me ask you this, what's the difference between what Stewart does and what Fox News does?

The instant I surfed to this hilarious Yes We Scam! B.S. We Can Believe In! Obama Approval Plummets piece I decided that Suntimes's viewers truly have to witness this!

You gotta wonder why they were so eager to "get" Blagojevich, the one thing I haven't heard in the press is Blagojevich's policies, pratices, accomplishments, or Goals!

The last person they were this eager to get was a man they called "The Sheriff of Wall Street" Eliot Spitzer. Who cares that they violated his rights or even broke the law to get the goods on him, they got him! Before Spitzer it was Bill Clinton and they spent $100 Million to get the goods on him! They only spent $14 Milion on the biggest and most deadly attack on American soil in U.S. History "9/11" but there were no gold plated axes to grind.

In fact we have heard nothing but accusations and conjecture, Blagojevich was endlessly vilaified, said to be "The most corrupt

I have heard NOBODY ask if Blagojevich was a good governer, what his policies were, what his accomplishments were, if his constituants like him or who his political enemies are.

according to an article I found; Illinois is now a state where more people have health care, where we have more money and higher standards for our schools, where crime is down and jobs are up," Blagojevich said. "By working together, and being willing to make the hard and necessary choices, we were able to do all of this while eliminating a $5 billion budget deficit, and without asking people to pay more taxes.

ask yourself, "Does this serve Justice?"

Grilled? it was so edited it was like watching an Oliver Stone movie...then they flash a message, to see the whole entire interview, go to their web site...John's a Fraud, that step n fetch it nonsense he did about Fox News with the English guy with typical horrible teeth and the gay black man was neither funny nor informative---kind of like his entire show. Dude's a complete fraud, his real name is lebowitz, why not use that? Like his show, it isnt real. Blago you're a fool to get involved with faux comedians.

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