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Deliberation Day 12. Will we have a conclusion?

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In its first communication in eight days, Rod Blagojevich's jury leaves us with a cliffhanger.

The jurors say they're deadlocked on some counts, they've tried to come to consensus and cannot. They want direction.

Here's a few things to consider as we await an 11 a.m. hearing where jurors will answer the note sent from Judge James Zagel, which asks for clarification on their division.

• Jurors earlier this week had already asked for the day off on Friday.
• Jurors said they were divided on counts involving a "specific act."
• Jurors say they've gone beyond "reasonable attempts" to come together.
• Jurors said in their note: "they've tried as hard as they can and they can't go any farther," according to one defense lawyer.
• It was unclear the number of counts they couldn't decide on.
• Judge James Zagel can tell jurors to go back and keep trying. But he went out of his way Wednesday to note he believes the jury already has been working hard to reach a conclusion.
"The jury in my view is exceptionally disciplined ... I think they're very diligent."

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Interesting that the article says the "jurors took Friday off." When working Fridays was a jurors decision in the first place.

Also, while there's real organization, here. Someone who KNOWS HOW TO WRITE CORPORATE MEMOS ... that is why it didn't seem the jurors had to fight to pick a foreman.

Then, on Day #3, (because of RICO, which is terribly misplaced, here!), you get the prosecutors going in and asking for "forfeiture." ANd, the defense team DOES NOTHING! So, there's a decision not to screw up by interacting in Zagel's court.

Perhaps, no one knows how to evaluate this for the world's audience? Doesn't mean there won't be scholarly attempts, ahead. And, if we're lucky the head that rolls belongs to Patrick Fitzgerald! He did wrong against Libby, and he got away with it!

Our prosecutors should be called to task when they go into the courts of public opinion. (Remember the Duke LaCrosse team? One lucky kid had gone to the ATM machine, and had paper proof he wasn't there when the whore charged.) Even though everyone knows Al Sharpton got to his popularity through Tawana Brawley.

There are attempts to SNOOKER the PEOPLE all of the time! Rod Blagojevich was a seated governor. The people's choice. Like it or not. He just wasn't his father-in-law's choice: Mel Dick! (And, when Roland Burris showed up at the senate door, Harry Reid, for ten days, wouldn't even let him in! All the democraps signed a note that he shouldn't be seated. Until they realized there were no black senators. And, the one outside the door was standing their in the rain. With an umbrella over his head.)

I hope they all walk! And, I hope Sam Adams, Jr., writes a book!

They definitely proved nothing against Robert. Here's a guy who had nothing to gain from his brother winning reelection or appointing this or that person to the Senate or getting a job or ambassadorship. Without that, there's not motive for Robert to commit these crimes, and that's why, as Robert said yesterday, he had no intent. Not guilty on Robert, unless they are hoodwinked.

As for Rod, he's a slimeball, and he clearly was fishing for something lucrative for himself either during the Obama administration or after his governorship. While I didn't buy the spin re Children's Memorial, the Tollway, and the football stadium, I do think the prosecution proved that he had intent. The question is whether he ever actually entered into an agreement to commit crime. That's where I personally could not vote guilty, although I could see the other side of this equation--and I think that's why the jury is deadlocked.

However, these RICO/conspiracy cases are all similar. You prove the underlying crime and/or conspiracy, then the RICO and all those wire/mail fraud crimes fall into place. My best guess today is not guilty for Robert, hung jury mistrial on most of the charges against Rod (including RICO), and also guilty on a handful...but what do I know!

He will not walk if one juror causes a hung jury. The Feds will simply retry him. Also, I think the defense is the side who played this in the court of public opinion. The "Don & Roma Show"? Are you kidding me?!?

In my humble opinion, the prosecution tried to ( unsuccessfully) try this case in the court of public opinion for over a year's time and with little evidence presented in court to substatiate their grandiose claims of a slam dunk case.

The prosecution has turned this trial into a persecution and even if one juror agrees with the suggestion that the prosecution arrogance in this case was premature because of lack of evidence, then my guess is that he walks on every count.

I BELIEVE Rob will definitely walk.

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