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Blagojevich trial: Rod and Rob Blagojevich told to come to court

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Lawyers for both Robert and Rod Blagojevich say they were summoned to court and were told that Rod and Robert Blagojevich should appear there too.

Michael Ettinger and Sam Adam Jr. both said they weren't given any additional information.

Behind-the-scenes signals are that a verdict -- or conclusion -- is imminent and will be read in one hour.

Barricades are being set up outside where Rod Blagojevich walks into the courthouse and Rod Blagojevich has already left his home.

The development comes on the 14th day of deliberations in the case and after jurors signaled this morning that some discord remained on the 12-member panel.

Jurors today asked for a copy of the oath they took when they were seated as well as instructions on how to fill out their verdict form if they can't reach a unanimous decision on a certain count or counts.

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The law is a MO-FO. If he walks, it's because they Government moved too fast because all they have is conversation and no action. Also, if he walks, a lot of politicians will be happy because I'm sure he was not going to go to jail by himself. He only did what all of the Biscuit-As Politicians do once they're elected. A lot of the politicians get elected to get a Pension and nothing else. The Aldermen's are street hustlers, the Mayor is the Sergeant at Arms and the Governor is the leader. I recalled one Alderman who was convicted for taking money who stated on tape, "All politicians are hoes, we all take money." Politicians will bend over backward to get what they want and once they are elected they become high paid prostitutes. Oh yeah, by the way the aldermen’s in the poor community give people special jobs in the poor community to go around and try to convince everyone else that they’re doing a good job. It’s a bunch of BS because I lived in those poor community and the aldermen’s are like PIMPS. Especially in the Black Community, the Aldermen’s pimp the Preachers, the Preachers pimp the Community to get their votes.

I am not a fan of Rod. However, I do believe he did anything different than any other politician. It goes to show how corrupt our political system is. The only thing Rod dig was to go against his father in law and he paid the price.
Rod should be acquitted. Maybe with his spare time his kids can teach him how to use a computer.

KPO'M: The Illinois legislature in its impeachment proceedings are not bound by the determination of a single jury. That's why we have both impeachment proceedings and criminal trials, and not just one big all-or-nothing trial.

If G-Rod walks then the only fools are the 12 members of the jury

After the verdict is read today:
I invite Rahm Emmanuel, Valerie Jarrett, Tony Rezko, and Barack Obama to my house for dinner. Will you guys accept and shake on it? Signed, Commendatore

After Blago walks, Madigan, Durbin, et. al. will look like fools. Do you think they will repeal the provision that bars Blago from public office? After all, if they impeached him with insufficient evidence, then arguably he should still be governor.

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