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Blagojevich trial: Onto Day 8 of jury deliberations

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

The Blagojevich jury has again slipped out of the Dirksen Federal Building, ending their seventh day of deliberations. Still no sign that a verdict is in sight.

We're told jurors plan to get an early start tomorrow morning, fitting in an extra hour or so before they break early at 12:30.

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Jane, here's a suggestion for you: Take your meds

Meanwhile, I think this jury PERFORMANCE, has been well-orchestrated. Sure, over the weeks, as the jurors were "sent to their room" so the attorneys could trounce things out in court; what did you see?

You bet. The foreman is easily picked. And, then the jurors do an inventory. For some reason they thought the prosecutor's close was missing. So on "day one" you got to hear two notes read in court. And, the judge explained that the 'closings' aren't testimony.

Not a peep since.

While the bamster had no trouble showing up in Chicago, at his home, for a fund raiser! Chicago IS a different kind of town. But it's summer. Kids are away at camp. Lots of people have headed to the beach. And, the jurors don't seem to be fighting among themselves, where notes get sent out. Just "schedules." Here, today. And, for as long as the show runs. I guess if this was a Broadway production, I wouldn't wonder how the Chorus Line rehearses. It's also almost like synchronized swimming (which was invented in Canada.)

Carol, why don't you do all readers a favor and get a life? Or a shrink, at the least.

Maybe they are planning to break early because they expect to be done by noon. Get it wrapped up and get on with their lives before the weekend. If they dress less casual today could certainly cause some speculation ;-)

I think it could be a wrap t'marra? It's a slow August weekend. So many people are on their vacations, that why not? You need a bigger media circus?

And, I also noticed, when Zagel called in both sides to "discuss" forfeiture, the defense team wouldn't bite. (One out of the 24 charges deals with racketeering.) How come the defense just stood there? Is it possible the ball was thrown "foul?" The best thing to do was make no fuss? (Sure, everybody had to set their alarms, early. To make court.) But as stories go, that one seemed to fizzle out.

Do you think those media types who are going to be on Martha's Vineyard, or some other hot vacation spot, are gonna truck back to their studios? For this? Audiences are running flat line.

So, sure. It could keep on going and going. But what kind of a story could you get out of "half a day" ... where the jurors are coming in an hour early? Wouldn't it be nice NOT to have to come back next week? Just asking.

Doesn't look like the jurors had any problem picking their foreman. Possibly, over the weeks of "being sent to their room," someone emerged with leadership skills? That the first foreman's note asked for the prosecutor's close? Well, it seems that one of the things they first did is take an inventory of what they had. And, they thought that item was missing? So, they asked for it. Good inventory control.

Back in the defense attorneys offices they probably have a handle on what to expect. Only a "not guilty" would be the big surprise. On the other hand, maybe, not all the spaghetti stuck to the wall?

Up ahead, once the limelight turns on, it is also possible one (or more) of the jurors will be tempted to say "maybe, the results would have been different if Rod Blagojevich testified?") There's no accounting for what people say when they can finally talk. And, their talk turns into war stories.

Of course, up ahead, too, everything's now "in secret" will become public knowledge. And, whatever the result, (and even with the media conglomerates hiding everything they can), the Internet will probably buzz with stories. So, too, will books. Rod's already proven he writes well.

And, like I've said, repeatedly, ultimately the prosecutor in Martha Stewart's case, didn't lay a glove on her! Today, her stock's worth more!

Dreyfus was convicted.

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