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Blagojevich trial: Morning hearing canceled, jury back for day 4

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The Blagojevich jury is back for their fourth day of deliberations on the 25th floor of the Dirksen Federal Building.

Shortly after jurors gathered in the jury room -- which is separated from the rest of the building by a frosted-glass, locked set of double doors -- the attorneys and several dozen reporters gathered outside the courtroom for the trial's daily 9:30 hearing.

But the courtroom was dark inside and the doors were locked. A half-hour later, that was still the case.

Finally, Judge James Zagel's deputy announced in the hall that there was no business to conduct, and lawyers and media alike were free to go.

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Come on, Natasha. Go listen at the keyhole, will you? What are they saying in there? Come to think of it, never mind - I'm probably happier not knowing.

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