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Blagojevich trial: Jury moves to day 14 -- how divided is this group?

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Rod Blagojevich's jury has moved to its 14th day of deliberations --
that's nearly half as long as the entirety of the trial, which stretched about 30 days (counting jury selection, openings, closings and jury instructions).

It's clear there's a division in the jury room.

But what's the division?

Since last week's initial note from the panel, defense lawyers surmised that the camps were pretty well split. And the higher the number of holdouts, the better it is for the defense, since it will mean that many more people would have to be convinced to go over to the prosecution's side.

Judge James Zagel only read a portion of last week's first note from the jurors. The portion not read, I'm told, led attorneys to believe the 12 were pretty well split.
They told Zagel they could not agree on any count that involved a "specific act," and said that only part of the group believed the government proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Yesterday they signaled they were headed back to do more work, asking for a transcript.

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