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Blagojevich trial: Jury heads home at end of day 6

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

No word from the jury today -- they've headed home for the day, wrapping up their sixth day of deliberation. They'll be back in the morning.

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I hope Blago is found innocent and runs for Mayor of Chicago. The entire trial is a waste of tax payers money. If the feds don't go after Daley, they shouldn't bother anyone but, i guess they would have to have permission from Obama and that will never happen.

Please just watch their clothes.

At some point some will need haircuts. (And, among the women? Some might need to have their hair fixed and the roots dyed?) We can read tea leaves. Or we can watch to see if anyone comes to the jury room carrying extra clothing over their shoulders? Why assume people would be willing to go on TV without looking better dressed?

At all times when the jurors went into the courtroom, they got to see Rod Blagojevich always wearing a suit and tie! Always seeing the clothes on display. Even down to the shoes. And, courtrooms are small enough that I'm sure a lot of jurors looked.

But how do they look when the come to work in the morning? Is Zagel one who'd call in and complain if the media wrote up how the jurors looked? I can't even remember seeing an artist's drawing of the jurors. Middle class to poor people? Seven men? Five women? No one there would comb their hair before they went on camera?

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