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Blagojevich trial: Jury deliberating -- day 8

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki

Jurors are back for day 8 of deliberations. Other than a brief sighting of a few of them in the private jury elevator -- going down for a smoke break, perhaps -- it's been quiet.

Attorneys and reporters gathered for a 10:30 status hearing this morning, but there was no business to take care of.

We expect the jury to wrap up around 12:30 today and return on Monday.

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Why does that surprise you, Carol Herman? Those laws they passed meant to show they were "actually working and doing something" and meant nothing.

I smoke. I don't find the law affects me or thousands I see smoking downdown....outside, wheher hot or cold.

You can't take people's rights away...they will find a way..even if it means being considerate...but try and arrest me for smoking outside.

I see it everyday everyone smoking outside office buildings...remember those silly rules: 25 feet away from the entrance?

What a laugh. Your lawmakers can't solve serious problems, but they can make up foolish laws to rile up the public. People will not allow the gov't to infringe on their rights.

You don't like it? Tell me where this was such an issue until some green-grass root organization demanded something stupid, just like the illegals.

The congressmen, and the state legislatures all they have accomplished is NOTHING but to send people over to Will County and Indiana, then cry poor.

Chicago will be the next Detroit. And don't think for a minute many and obscene numbers of politicians defy their own "laws". I've seen plenty light up...desobeying their own "votes". Out with them all.

Bring the soldiers home and then we can discuss petty issues.

carol, are you on drugs? a bikini? what on earth? put down the pipe

Smoking breaks? In our day and age?

Still seems closer to sychronized swimming, that actually arguing their way through the evidence. I can almost wonder if it pays to sit there in a bikini?

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