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Blagojevich trial: Hearing about jury deadlock nears

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Abdon Pallasch

People are assembling for a scheduled 11 a.m. hearing in which we expect to get more information on the jury's deadlock.

Robert Blagojevich walks in the 25th floor courtroom alongside his wife, Julie, and son, Alex. "Good morning," he says to the reporters assembling in the hall.

A few minutes later, the father and son Sam Adams walk in, all smiles. Sam Sr. is dressed in a tan three-piece suit.

There's a line of people running all the way down the hallway of the 25th floor. Some are members of the public, hoping to slip into the courtroom -- even though we don't know the content of the note.

Out on the sidewalk, camera crews line the barricades set up at the courthouse's Dearborn Street entrance. Police Supt. Jody Weis stops by to shake hands with a Chicago police office providing security outside.

Rod and Patti Blagojevich enter the building at around 10:55.

"Good luck. God bless you," Rod told the crowd.

The pair walks past a crowd into the elevators. A man in line leans over to tell Rod that two people in Peoria, including "Carly" said to say hi -- "especially to Patti."

Patti turns with recognition and says, "Oh."

Rod: "How old is Carly, 15?"

The ex-governor gives a gentle wave to the crowd and walks in without saying anything.

Rod -- who was called out in the trial for dropping thousands upon thousands of dollars on designer neckties -- is again wearing the same Copenhagen blue tie that he's worn time and time again throughout the proceedings.

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So, it's ' guilt by association '? YOUR partisan colors are showing! Where's the proof that Obama was " involved in this " ? Without ANY, it's just hearsay! IF the U.S. Attorney's office had ANY criminal evidence that Obama was guilty, he would have been indicted. Regardless of that fact, YOU accuse the President of wrongdoing and dismiss the prosecutor with allegations of a, political, cover up. Have YOU no shame? That's ' bearing false witness ' and I hope that you'll know what it's like, one day, to be accused of wrongdoing and suffer the same consequences!

I hope Blago is not found guilty. The other corrupt politicians, namely Obama and Jackson Jr who are involved in this, should be brought to justice. The Prosecutor Fitzgerald is a joke, he brought the charges before the crime was committed. This was done to protect Obama. Fitzgerald is a political hack.

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