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Blagojevich trial: Attorneys called in for jury question

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Dave McKinney

After a quiet couple of hours this Monday morning, there is another question from the jury.

Judge James Zagel has called attorneys into court to discuss. They're on the Dirksen Building's 25th floor now, waiting for the hearing to begin. More soon.

Jurors signaled last Thursday that they were having trouble reaching an agreement on most of the counts before them.

There was some expectation that we'd hear from jurors this morning given their notes last week. Parties in the case were gathered outside the courtroom this morning even before knowing about a question.

Today is day 13 of the jury's deliberations.

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We need a complete investigation of this juror and her relatives to see if someone "got to her". I strongly suspect either she was a Blago "plant" to hang the jury, or someone threatened her, or her family, or simply bought her off, through a relative. This is the Chicago way. I say move the venue for the retrial, to assure the jury cannot be tampered with.

Blagojevich's arrogance reeks of jury tampering.He is guilty as gharged.

Blagojevich's arrogance, which he has flaunted since his arrest, reeks of jury tampering. He seems overly confident thet he will be
acquitted, or found guilty of the least punishable of the charges.
I can't believe the jury could possibly let this scum bag walk.

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