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Blagojevich lawyer: "None of the pundits predicted this."

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It's Day 14 of the deliberations in Rod Blagojevich's corruption case and Sam Adam Jr. continues on a roller coaster that on the same day has given him a shot of adrenaline, then leaves him numb.

Reading the tea leaves with how the jury is leaning has left the entire defense team a bit jittery, he says.

"None of us have nails left," he said this morning.

Adam, who plans to go to the courthouse this morning and possibly give a statement to the media, said no one expected the jury to take this long.

"They said we were going to get steamrolled," Sam Adam Jr. said. "None of the pundits predicted this."

"People said we were nuts, we were crazy for having him be public, for having him make statements, for having him make the tactics we were taking and not pleading him," Adam said of allowing Rod Blagojevich to appear on just about every news talk show in production.

Going into trial, Adam said he was told time and again that Blagojevich was toast.

And now, the jury has deliberated for 14 days -- nearly half of the entirety of the length of the trial.

The jury last week indicated they were deadlocked on every count except for two in the 24-count indictment. They were told to get back to work and yesterday asked for testimony of a former top aide to Blagojevich.

"You got to figure there's someone in there fighting for you," Adam said. "These people took their jobs seriously. No matter what the outcome -- and I think it's going to be a not guilty -- these people have done their American civic duty."

Adam, who lost more than 30 pounds during the trial, said he managed to eat a full meal over the weekend. "Maybe I'm getting used to it."

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Let's see: Sam Adam Jr. made a law school mistake by promising the jury his client would testify. He couldn't articulate the relevancy of any evidence when an objection was made by the prosecution. The defense put on no evidence. He could have just stood silent the entire trial and the jury would be in same position. Of course, he thinks it is because of him the jury is having problems, when in reality it is just a weak government case.

There's a DEEP THROAT in the jury. Somebody is "feeding" the Bob Woodward foreman, a clue. "Go to June 21st." "Bring back Tusk's testimony."

How high are the stakes? How high were they against Nixon? All we know, today, is that the media doesn't have the same clout.

But homosexual men are not alone in knowing 2AM quiet places. Deep in garages. Where you can meet. And, not be seen.

You thought it made sense for the jurors to take off last Friday? HELLO.

I still think the best best is that there is an APPEAL. While most people don't know all the layers. And, you're being fooled into believing Zagel is untouchable.

This case is very ugly. IF there's a conviction on Robert Blagojevich's head, the prosecutors will approach Ettinger. To fold.

Who knows? When the French saw Dreyfus convicted they were sure they got themselves a tasty Jew. One man: Emil Zola. Made the difference. Why are we so short of journalists who'd pursue Pulitzer's? By the time Mark Felt got exposed? No Pulitzer. Nothing you can do about that miscarriage, either.

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