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Blagojevich jury: The note

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Due to multiple requests, here's a separate post with the wording on the portion of the note from Rod Blagojevich jurors. U.S. District Judge James Zagel didn't make the entire note public, he only read one section of it:

"In a situation where jurors cannot agree on given counts what should the next logical step be? We have gone beyond reasonable attempts without rancor. We now ask for guidance."

Zagel replied by saying he needed more information on where they stood in their deliberations. He also told them they don't have to be unanimous on every count. A partial verdict is a possibility.

Separately, one defense lawyer said that jurors also indicated they couldn't reach a conclusion on counts involving a "specific act."

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Thanks as always for the great work. To me (just guessing), this means that they may be deadlocked on a specific CHARGE. For example, the Senate seat appointment or the pension bond deal. Those "specific acts" are mentioned in both the racketeering charge and separately in other charges (Wire Fraud, etc.). Either way, I expect a guilty verdict on several counts today.

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