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Blagojevich jury impasse; An ominous sign for prosecutors?

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Jurors deciding Rod Blagojevich's fate gave an ominous sign to the prosecution Thursday, revealing that after 12 days of talks they were at a stalemate with most of the 24 explosive counts leveled against the former governor.

The jury's struggles don't square with the open-and-shut case prosecutors first presented 19 months ago when they arrested the sitting governor in his home and accused him of presiding over a "political crime spree" laid out in secret FBI wiretaps.

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HA. HA. HA, There's another jurors note!

They took Friday OFF. And, they came in this morning. And, they're sticking COMPLEXITY back onto Zagel's head.

Stuff worthy of APPEAL? You bet. Case is big enough to bounce UP. While now everyone's just waiting for the attorneys to get in. To get the jurors note read allowed. Sure does look like a waste of time,here, no?

Okay. We're here on Monday morning. And, now, I'm convinced Patrick Fitzgerald "received a phone call" and was told to throw this case!

I also believe that the defense is just waiting for this jury to come in. Because the APPEAL is ready to go! On what evidence, you ask? On Zagel's 90 jury instructions. (Turns out judges get reversed when they make mistakes.) Zagel made a few.

While the jurors? When the come back in they're going to have to "explain" COMPLEX! I don't think they can. Even if half of them are now being challenged with audits from the IRS. (No, I don't put anything out of the zone of speculation.)

Blagojevich's evidence against him are his own phone calls! (Did you know we have a 5th Amendment that prevents prosecutors from intimidating witnesses. Two were here: Monk. Rod's college roommate. And, Harris, his chief of staff. FLIMSY doesn't even begin to describe this boondoggle.

What will Zagel and the prosecutors do? After the jury comes in, I'm sure "sweet deals" where Robert and Patti admit to "minor guilt" get presented. But if this case continues? HELLO! November doesn't look so good, right now, for seated incumbents, anywhere. And, Patrick Fitzgerald continues saying "Abraham Lincoln's eyeballs are totating in his head," you're gonna find a lot of politicians who might fight?

What does fighting look like? Go over and see what happened to the liberals in da' House. Who are watching the "flimsy" noose stuck over the heads of Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel. Do you know who did this? The very angry BLUE DOGS! So, you can't fool me. Politics is dirty business.

And, Rod Blogajevich will someday have other judges discussing his fate. And, this crappy case. While you'll stand a better chance finding out who the "umbrella man" was, on Dealey Plaza, than you'll get to the phone calls behind Rezko's lack of appearance as a witness.

The jurors? They better collect themselves enough to defend their verdicts. Because COMPLEX is not your friend.

I have often wondered if people who served on juries really were as ignorant of the people involved in a sensationalized case or the details of it or whether they were just lying. Well, now we know. If these jurors think they can pass this all off because it's too much hard work to peruse the facts and find Blago guilty, they must be unaware. They will be haunted by the media forever about their decision if they don't find him guilty on some of these obvious counts such as lying to a federal agent. Their 15 minutes of fame could turn into years of derision from the general public and the media. Are they ready for that?? I didn't think so.

"THE BALLAD OF BLAGO'S TRIAL" by Jack the Clicker
(Sung to the tune of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home")

When Blago comes marching home again,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The media will say "Welcome friend!"
Hurrah! Hurrah!
The judge and jury were hung in doubt,
The truth that matters will not come out,
And we'll all feel rage when
Blago comes marching home.

When Blago comes marching home again,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Chicago's Machine will hide their sin,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Obama's pardon not needed then,
And Rahm Emmanuel still his friend,
And we'll all feel rage when
Blago comes marching home

Did Patrick Fitzgerald throw the case? (It's like the "umbrella man" at Dealey Plaza. Treat people who don't believe the government's story on how JFK got shot, by claiming they're conspiracy theorists.)

Meanwhile, nobody asks if Zagel fielded a White House phone call. Or if Patrick Fitzgerald was FORCED to throw this case? It's as if all these charges make sense. And, the jurors were supposed to convict. Well, they haven't.

How come no one talks about phone calls that could have transpired that affected this case? While the FBI wiretaps are nothing more than a bunch of baloney. You can't convince me something crooked hasn't gone on. And, the victims in this case? Tools being used. While who knows? Maybe, the fight's been so badly fixed it's gonna be Patrick Fitzgerald who falls?

If he walks this state is screwed. Springfield will go wild and all of Illinois will look like Detroit. Welfare queens, ghetto pimps, and no whites to be seen for miles.

Well, there's good news among the tea leaves. First of all, on Day #3 of deliberations, the prosecutors went into the friendly judge's chamber; and they expected to spin "forfeiture." Instead? The defense politely listened. But didn't bite. So, we just went back to watching the "challenged" jurors try to remember the prosecutorial close. To no avail. Since the judge wouldn't give them this requested crap. This much everyone knows. Up ahead? Who is spinning "retrial?" Patrick Fitzgerald's career, where he was trying to claim the top spot at the FBI, "afta Mueller" ... hit a brick wall.

Yes, the jurors are polite. Do they like Zagel? REALLY? The judge comes back and tells them they can't quit until they come up with numbers on all the charges. Even though they don't have to agree. Their heads have to be counted. They respond? "Well, then. We won't come in on Fridays." No one in Chicago, it seems, wants to stick their head(s) out to be counted. While the "bigger issue" ... if the jury hangs, it takes the pressures off of the state legislature ... Because? Madigan and Mel PRESSURED Rod to resign in disgrace on the flimsiest of evidence. Sure. Politics as usual for Chicago. Threats to Rod, ahead? He can write his book on TRIAL #1. And, why it didn't make sense for his attorneys to do anything else except "open." And, "close." While, yes. Robert became known. And, had to take the hot seat in a fixed court. Run by Zagel.

So? If Patrick Fitzgerald's career can tank on a sour note; so, too, can Zagel's. A hung jury won't bring honors his way. Advancement potential, if I had to guess? I'd guess NIL. How long does it take to count 24 charges ... among people who disagree? Positions hardened? Yup. Military precision in "execution?" Sure. But "command?" Nope. Not that, too. Just a threat. "We've got to count heads, here: Chop. Chop." Imagine the questions you'll get when the jurors are finally brought back in. And, the jurors get polled, one by one. Yup. Mumbles, and politeness. While, I think there can be eye-contact with Rod, and his family members. Unless there are convictions. Then you'd see dropped eyeballs into laps. And, probably, too, a lot of lawyers are watching. And, BETTING

I think Bessie is correct on the jury suspecting something "just ain't right," about the whole thing. Perhaps Patrick's Fitzgerald bald face attempt to protect NEROBAMA, should be thought of from another quote of Abraham Lincoln, to wit... ,Patrick, "you can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, BUT you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
I think Bessie is WRONG and in the conclusion that ..."Fitzgerald will probably get a promotion."
I believe, that justice will be done.... and that NERObama and all of his handlers, i.e. Rahm, AXERLROD, Valerie Jarrett, etc... will be caught and reap just desserts for their treasonous behavior.

The prosecutions case they presented was weak at best...the crime was never consumated and they never called Rezko who was key to their entire case...everybody talking about how it's a crime when two people agree on a quid pro quo, did not resinate with the may be a crime but so is jay walking...The U.S. Attorney's office and the FBI have been investigating Milorad for over 8 years, they have spent millions of dollars and countless hours. The feds have witnessed numerous crimes that were more heinous and prosecutable but chose these final few without waiting for the criminal act to be followed through on and then didn't even call the money man... When you refer to someone over and over in a trial and then don't call him has to give the jury a reason to suspect something "just ain't right"...What will be interesting is what will happen to Fitzgerald IF Milorad is found 'not guilty', after his dramatic arrest and press conference??? WILL he be held accountable? I don't think so...I think he made a deal with Barack to keep the mention of his name to a minimal and not to turn over the interview...Fitzgerald will probably get a promotion...

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