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Blagojevich jury has a question -- lawyers told to come to court at 2:30

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Jurors in Rod Blagojevich's case have communicated with the judge for the first time in more than a week, saying they have a question, according to lawyers in the case.

Attorneys were told to be at the courthouse this afternoon and were not told that their clients must also attend.

The question comes on Day 11 of deliberations and eight days after the 12-member panel last communicated with the judge in the case.

The last communication from jurors came on July 30th when they asked for all the trial's testimony.

Judge James Zagel denied that request but told the panel he would be open to handing out the testimony of specific witnesses.

*** Since our first post, the clerk's office issued an alert saying there is a 2:30 p.m. hearing in the case.

Lawyers say the note from jurors is a question and not a verdict.

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I hope this will open Blago's eyes if he thinks he's getting scott free, the only thing I feel bad is for his girls and his family ...

Maybe they want longer lunch breaks.

You gotta wonder -- is it a hung jury?

Who knows? But when Edwin Edwards (the sitting governor of Louisiana, was removed by a jury, and found guilty, because of FBI wiretaps), his jurors asked the judge for a dictionary. So they could look up the word "extortion."

Will we get a clue from the question? Perhaps, they want to cleave off two of the three defendants, where the government has them up on "the same charge?" We can always hope. What a sad circus.

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