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Blagojevich jury calls it a day, moves on to day 14

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki and Dave McKinney

It was a quiet afternoon here at the Dirksen Building, following this morning's jury question.

And now, the jurors have headed home, concluding their 13th day of deliberations. They'll be back in the morning.

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After reading the jurors' note, today, Zagel gave the defense lawyers 30 minutes to come up with "case law" that said he should tell the jurors "to rely on their memories."

Gosh, back when Nixon was taken out, and it turned out that "Deep Throat" was none other than the #2 guy at the FBI (Mark Felt). We were informed that "to get information" Bob Woodward, acting like a spy, would make 2AM trips to designated underground parking structures, with multiple floors. To get information from the FBI. Who leaked substantial clues against Nixon.

It's possible something like that is again at play?

And, yes. The Appeals courts have reversed judges on poorly constructed jury instructions.

I'd be surprised if these jurors, after they finish "debilitating." Or call it "deliberating." We will see an attempt to have Zagel's rulings appealed.

Why do I feel sure? Because, politically, the republican party, at least, should feel the burn ropes ... as they hope to best the other party this November. And, Blago is no more criminal than most politicians.

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