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Blagojevich jurors give signs that they could go into next week

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

It appears jurors in Rod Blagojevich's case still have much deliberating to do.

The panel asked to meet for just a half a day tomorrow -- until 12:30 p.m. -- before going home for the weekend, people with knowledge of the request said.

One all-about-business juror, who wore dress shirts and pants every day in court during the trial, was seen wearing khaki shorts today.

The entire panel was dressed fairly casually today, according to one observer.

That's, of course, reading the tea leaves and assuming that jurors who are ready to return a verdict in a high profile case will dress as they did during trial.

The Blagojevich panel has been a stealth group who has received assistance by security in covertly entering and leaving the Dirksen Federal Courthouse every day.

Sightings have been rare as U.S. District Judge James Zagel is not announcing when the six men and six women begin and end deliberations each day.

Zagel had previously ruled to keep the identities of the jurors secret until after a verdict is reached.

The panel began its seventh day of talks this morning.

They are considering evidence in 24 counts against the former governor and four counts against Robert Blagojevich.

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the jury is surely having a tough time with the punishments other than jail time. how will the family survive if their assets are surrendered for the rico crimes? if he is not found guilty future activities of fraud within the government will run more wild.

Corruption is evil. Truth and justice requires only a few
well-positioned individuals in a few key systems to expose
corruption. The news media has been on the side of corrupt
officials since September 2001. What every happened to the
role of the free press? Are journalists addicts and mind
controlled lunatics?

See and read about
corruption in Hawaii as it relates to Chicago's current
scandal with Blago "Dead Meat", Obama-gate, and our very
own State Whore Kallie Keith, former Maui County Chair
for the corrupt Democrats running scared.


Geez- "Carol", absolutely nothing you said made sense. Try again tomorrow. After you sober up.

Vesna, either one of two things happened. Your friend applied for a driving permit in Chicago. Or someone used her name to vote. Entering her name, and her address, on the form. And, that's how the jury summons was issued.

They issue them to dead people, too.

One thing for sure you can always tell who is a politician, because when there lips move lies come out.
A lot of folks are angry about who hasn't been snared by the prosecutors, but like professional mobsters these guys are hard to snag. The Washington boys are true pros. They are big trophy fish and rarely get caught.
That does not mean we throw back the ones that are caught.
I predict Blago will be wearing that bright orange uniform just like Ryan.

Ahh, Carol is from LA. That explains a lot.

Mr. Davila, you are right on the mark.

A funny thing happened today and if someone can explain to me the logic I will deeply bow and applaud.
A friend of mine from abroad, who was in Chicago on an extended visitor's visa with her mother and has departed for her home country, has just been summoned to a jury duty. That in itself would have been laughable except that I tried calling the number listed in order to let court know of the error but could get nowhere since everything is pre-recorded and does not pertain to the problem in question. I then sent an e-mail to the Cook County Court explaining the situation only to receive a response that the summons was postponed by 11 weeks, thank you very much, and if there is a PROOF that the individual is NOT a US citizen then she should designate so on the summons, sign it and provide copy of her visitor's visa. SHE IS OUT OF THE COUNTRY, GONE HOME!!! HELLO!!!
And then it is said that WE don't respect OUR civic duties. Does anyone even know what them are?

All you Blago haters should work on your own mediocre lives. How many unsolved murders and burglaries are there in Chicago. This trial is a waste of money and resources that could be spent elsewhere.

Wow. Does Carol ramble!

Carol Herman, please find something better to occupy your time with. Your drivel is beyond ridiculous. The bottom line is - Rod's GUILTY. Look at those who surrounded Rod - they pled or they're dead - enough said.

Six men and six women? I thought it was seven and five?

And, if nothing else, other than the two first questions: Where's the prosecutor's close? And, wasn't the other request for the rebuttal as evidence? It' seems as if the jurors are very sure of themselves! They don't want to come off as half-cocked. The way you saw the OJ jurors getting labeled.

There doesn't seem to be any fights, either. Just all the counts. And, how they line up. And, how the evidence supports going in one direction. Or the other.

As I said, I wouldn't be surprised that an engineer has been chosen as foreman. And, perhaps, the attorneys who were in the room, have some idea how things might turn out? Since, there's a reason the prosecutors called it quits a month early. Sure. To protect themselves from calling in Rezko. And, perhaps, from exposing Obama to something he didn't want to see? (As if there aren't political winds blowing!)

As to the "major" way most people in Illinois feel, I'd have to take a pass. But if the "street" is for conviction. And, these jurors live there, then they'll rule in the direction the winds blow.

Will we ever get rid of prosecutors who turn the tables on voters? How so? More, and more, ahead, it seems, voters are the easiest ones from whom you can steal candy.

You can't fool me. I know lobbyists have been in control of DC, since, at least, 1994. When Newt Ginrich, using a laminated piece of paper he'd pull from his pocket, each and every time he went in front of a camera; certainly found ways to find the lobbyists. And, grow government like a cancer.

The kids at Duke, meanwhile, because one of them went to an ATM machine, and didn't throw away his receipt, actually did defeat, in the long run, the media conglomerates. And, a very terrible prosecutor. Where the law came along and ate his license. It's called "once in a blue moon." Meanwhile, while we are waiting, all the twleve jurors are very, very relaxed. Chicago. Will it remain Frank Sinatra's "kind of town?"

Checking the internet it appears that the The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) completed an ambitious account of hung juries in 2003. Over the seventeen year span, Federal civil juries were hung less than 1% of the time and Federal criminal juries less than 3%. So having a hung jury is very rare.

Additionally, hung juries are more common in deliberations that begin with a “verdict-driven” approach as opposed to an “evidence-driven” approach. It is important to note that if individuals avoid locking into a position early, the group is more likely to find consensus.

This jury should have been sequestered when they started deliberating to avoid the possibility of being influenced by anyone or anything. Blago's attorney's will cry to the news' media all weekend to get the the jurors. It's patently obvious the tactics Sam Admas Jr has used. Shameful.

Thanks. Good that we also get a grooming and clothes update. While, if I had to guess, the jury is close to wrapping things up. But the 1/2 day and an exit means people can go home and take care of haircuts. And, other business. Without running into Saturday traffic.

I'm going to assume that neighbors of the jurors know they're on jury duty. (Even though that's not typical. Jurors tend to wear their "jury ID tags out here, in LA, even when they're heading to their cars to go home. And, calling it a "day.")

Obviously, no one is talking! That "rule" gets wacked into everyone's head. And, everyone's afraid of the judge. And, the sheriff. Who is the guy wearing the gun.

Again, since someone is checking out the clothes, I think on Monday morning ... especially if the guy who dressed well for court, but has been wearing shorts into the jury room ... changes outfits ... we'll get an indication that "wrap up" is near.

For all the players, however? I predict a road show. One the media will try to dodge. But in today's world? Once you're released from fearing da' judge? I expect the Internet to run hot with stories! Good luck to the defendants. And, keep in mind that in the long run the prosecutor (except for the jail time), didn't put a glove on Martha Stewart. While Judith Miller? Her career was doomed! Only Maureen Dowd is allowed to be queen. So "going to jail" isn't enough. First, you have to be popular!

No question that Rod Blagojevich understood Illinois voters!

The glory ahead for da' jurors? Easy come. Easy go. But they just never know when something they say will fall into someone's hands, who was using a cell phone. And/or a recorder.

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