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BLAGOJEVICH JUROR: There was one hold out. We were 11-1 for conviction

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The Associated Press is reporting that juror Erik Sarnello says there was one female hold out juror.

CHICAGO (AP) ‹ A juror in the corruption trial of Rod Blagojevich says the
panel was deadlocked 11-1 in favor of convicting the former Illinois
governor of trying to sell or trade President Barack Obama's former Senate
Juror Erik Sarnello of Itasca, Ill said a female holdout "just didn't see
what we all saw." The 21-year-old Sarnello said the counts around the Senate
seat were "the most obvious."
The jury convicted Blagojevich Tuesday of a lesser charge, lying to federal
agents, but could not reach an agreement on the remaining 23 charges.
Prosecutors have pledged to retry the case as soon as possible.

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After reading that one former Marine juror wanted to convict Blago for cursing the President, another was upset that he brought his children to court (although they are actually involved and will be affected by this government persecution) and the general comments made that they could not understand the evidence but wanted to convict him anyway, it is clear that members of this Jury were prejudiced from the outset and that the only fair juror may have been the one who stood firm on her conviction and did not allow the "crowd" to trample her. Jurors were quoted as saying the "believed" the Defendant was guilty. Since when is belief sufficient to convict in criminal court? Maybe Americans are so blindly prejudiced by their acceptance of mysticism and allegiance to beliefs in their religions, which they mistake for facts and evidence. I also find the articles published in the Chicago Tribune extemely slanted and obviously intended to prejudice the public against Blagojevich. Editorials are published on the news pages. As an example, the headline after the Jury came back was BLAGO GUILTY, but with only small print indicating that they came back with no verdict whatsoever on all but one count. In fact, in today's paper one of the Jurors is quoted as saying that the Jury nearly returned with no verdict on any of the counts. If Blagojevich is so guilty and the evidence is so clear, this most certainly does not seem to be the opinion of those people who followed the "evidence" with whom I speak. Uniformly, they believe this is a political persecution and the cost to the taxpayers is unjustified.

Check out my blago cartoon on the 11-1 deadlock.

one neat psychic thing is sometimes I will look at an item and view a little view of something like a power light or something like that.

in chat sometimes type the persons name prior to their response.

Thinking, talking and saying something in unison with someone else at the same time. I have had vision's of Rod Blagojevich actually with his involvement with the VIN changing and stolen construction equipment in Morris, IL auction that generates millions.

I know that a sepena of Peter Schivarelli in his case would make it strong as Peter work with BLAGO on Chicago Streets and Sanitation fraud. Also, Bret Michaels from the band Poison is involved with Howard a partner of Peter Shivarelli faking a stroke to take away from the BLAGO trial case.

BLAGO was also involved with Ronald Laverdure (,

I am hoping this helps as people in the Barrington, IL police department and FEMA including Bobby (Robert) Colangelo are losing evidence are losing evidence all over the place. Bobby Colangelo (FEMA) was involved with money being lost with abuse of their tools used for fraud instead of help. I know they are involved in this loss of the donation money as they are able to use their tools inappropiately. Michael Bruns is also threatening people in this case.

Thank you for listening. Please feel free to forward as I wanted to get your input on this as my visions are usually 100% accurate. I am a Catholic Visionary.

God Bless You,

ps- I sometimes get call a Neanderthal or a monk. So be it and let it help people if so. I am so much more..

Yup. You can always find people who will come with rope. But since we've heard about the note for the "oath" ... how does that stand up to the law? According to the Supreme Court, jurors are allowed "nulification." (Zagel kept this fact hidden.)

The defense never put on a defense! Because? The prosecutors didn't PROVE their case. Let alone, how prepared the defense must be for an APPEAL! (Especially with the threat that there's gonna be an expensive re-trial.)

Um, why was Blago "supposed to testify," here? You saw Rezko? You saw Rahm? You saw any of the clowns that said there was something actionable about Blagojevich picking Roland Burris? You saw Jesse Jackson, Jr., coming forward?

Hopefully, we will learn more in books that get written, ahead. But the pressure on a lone juror to have her oath read to her? In Ryan's conviction, the holdout juror was removed by the judge. And, he was convicted 11-0. This is nothing to be proud of.

Congrats Natasha for great reporting. I really did believe that Blago's brother would be exonerated. Go figure. I do believe that the prosecution will be more successful next time around, as it will use key witnesses that it didn't this time. Brilliant strategy to have promised to testify, then, at the last moment, refuse to do so.

This is what I don't understand about requiring "unanimous 12-0" votes in Federal criminal trials. What the heck is wrong with 11-1??? C'mon...there can always be one screwy juror, or one who hates the Government and wants to hurt the prosecution, or one who may have been reached by someone.

It stinks.I submit that the rule should be changed to 11-1 for a verdict either of guilty or not guilty.

Bring on the followup trial. Truth will win in the end!

Again, Natasha, thanks for your great reporting on this trial. Many of us are hoping you and Sarah will continue reporting to us during the next retrial. Thank you Sun Times for bringing us Natasha's and Sarah's skill in summarizing each day's events.

Okay. And, she was forced to hear her oath? Because the jury instructions said you can only find guilt? Heck, there was no defense! This thing slid without a defense at all, folks.

And, you bet. Our Supreme Court does allow jury nullification. Some male idiot on that jury wrote to the judge and asked for the "oath" ... thinking what?

I hope Zagel gets appealed! He was up there working with the prosecutors!

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