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Blagojevich juror: Robert Blagojevich shouldn't be tried again

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Jurors in the trial of former governor Rod Blagojevich overwhelmingly wanted to send his brother home a free man -- voting nine to three in favor of acquittal, one member of the jury said today. But the former governor "was lucky'' that he wasn't convicted on more counts, the juror said.

That juror, John Grover of Joliet, said in an interview this afternoon that prosecutors shouldn't put the Robert Blagojevich through another trial.

"I sat there for days and days and days and days and never heard his name mentioned," the disabled vet said.

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Can't say this much better:

"Robert Blagojevich is an innocent man. You know it and most of all the Prosecution knows it."

Rod Blagojevich is not Al Capone!!!!!!!!Today the out of control Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald reminded me why I fear my government so much and anyone who doesn't is observing this epic with their eyes wide closed. Here is a case where a defendants trial was found mostly inconclusive by a legitimate sitting jury, but because the prosecution didn't like the outcome of the trial, our government decides they will scheme a mistrial, unilaterally retry the case, and ignore double jeopardy protections afforded under the US Constitutions 5th Amendment because they can. US Courts have found creative ways to ignore and bypass basic protections by passing unconstitutional laws.

I tremble at the thought of my government doing this to me or anyone in my family. Intellectuals know FBI Agents consistently tell lies under oath in criminal cases and therefore the single count of lying to an FBI Federal agent will never be recognized as a legitimate charge by intellectuals. Blago did not have his attorney present at the FBI interview and he was not given a court reporter to take dictation so in this one count, the jury failed themselves for believing the lying FBI agents who testified. The magnitude of the explosive charges that surfaced in the beginning vilified Blago brothers as if they were Al Capone like figures who must be stopped. This prosecutor must be impeached from office for similar unjust actions within the US Judiciary that unjustly brought down political figures, former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens, and the now pardoned White House aid Skooter Libby. For those of you who think Blago is guilty, be mindful you can not think someone into jail. You must have clear and convincing evidence. The jury has said clear and convincing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt did not exist, and therefore the jury must acquit. Aside from being hoodwinked into one count, the jury did it’s job.

Patrick Fitzgerald now wants to use my taxpayer money to mount yet another worthless prosecution in an attempt to wipe the egg from his face and other impeaching IL lawmakers. Patrick Fitzgerald, you can't fix Illinois politics until you first fix Washington politics. You can't criminalize political horse-trading in Illinois when it benefits Illinois citizens. I say, seat me as next juror in the follow-up Blago jury trial and I will end the Patrick Fitzgerald conquest, an end to the political lynch-mobs, and an end to arrested development against the wrongly accused.
Tim L Thornton-Constitutional & Political Activist-Springfield, IL

The lone hold-out juror - Joanne - had made her mind up BEFORE the trial had even begun. She shared this information with her family and others. What a disgrace and waste of our money.

How odd, that the jurors couldn't just say Robert was "not guilty." But they're piling on a woman who held out.

It seems the jurors didn't like Sam Adams, Jr., either. But it seems, too, the circus got locked out on the mosque brouhaha. (As if Ground Zero wouldn't have been rebuilt IF there was a problem finding tenants.

Since Dreyfus got convicted, and ONLY Emil Zalo wrote that he was innocent. It took years to free him from prison, as well. The black eye to the French, however? Lingered.

The day Patrick Fitzgerald went into the media business with "Abraham Lincoln is rolling in his grave," he should have had his law license removed! What will Zagel do? He's happy re-trying this circus. While it seems COMPLEX didn't become an issue. Shows ya. Laymen don't want to understand da' law. At least not the idiots you find who get qualified by attorneys to sit on juries. (Next time? Maybe, there will be a forced move? How can this case get tried, again, here, in this atmosphere?)

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