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Blagojevich is in the building ... No, wait, who's this guy?

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His name is Jerry Kroll and he bears a striking resemblance to a certain former governor.

He flew to Chicago for kicks this week and this afternoon walked into the sights of a bored media throng as we await Rod Blagojevich's jury.

Kroll is an actor -- and says he's also a civil attorney -- from Santa Barbara. He first realized his look-alike was one Rod Blagojevich while in his car, waiting at a stop sign in California.

A passerby kept gawking at him. Then gave him the finger. That was right around the time Rod Blagojevich was arrested in December of 2008, he says.

"That seemed odd to me," he said of the incident.

He later realized that more and more people were mistaking him for Blagojevich.

Kroll and his girlfriend got cheap tickets on Priceline and headed to Chicago.

"I've developed this warm spot for him," Kroll says of Blagojevich. "I feel his pain."

He insists he didn't manipulate his hair -- it's always looked like this.

The press here gave him the full treatment, telling him to enter the media pit at the lobby then shoved cameras and mics in his face.

We did this as a deputy U.S. Marshal looked on disapprovingly.

Kroll said he also works as a lawyer and has waited out his share of juries.

"Wouldn't it be cool if you could represent him?" One reporter asked to much laughter.

Kroll said he's appeared in two "Lifetime" movies and in a Showtime movie.

Here's his Web site: Click here.

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I think he looks more like Phil Spector.

Back in the early 1990's, the feds wire tapped the Louisiana Governor, Edwin Edwards. He WON the race against David Duke!

And, his bumper sticker said: VOTE FOR THE CROOK. IT'S IMPORTANT

If the boobs in Chicago think they're getting rid of the stacked deck, they're beyond stupid. Daley's still there. And, Rod was machine attacked.

More interesting, still, is that Patrick Fitzgerald WANTS the top seat at the FBI! When "Mueller" retires. Given how dishonest politics IS! And, how the democraps intend to own ALL facets of government; it's wise to remember Nixon's remark: LOSERS DON'T LEGISLATE.

While, yes, Blagojevich didn't want to be a puppet to the mob. This angered his political mob father-in-law who thought NOTHING of making requests of the governor!

But people can go ahead and think what they want. At least, in Louisiana, they knew NOT to elect David Duke!

Oh, yeah. The Louisiana governor went to prison. One of the jurors (#68), who was the lone holdout, was pulled off the jury by the judge. And, the 11 came back and convicted. While among the jury notes was one to the judge for a dictionary. So they could look up the word "extortion."

People who can convict ham sandwiches deserve the political games that keep getting played across America. So sad. Too bad.

Kroll doing a commercial as Rod Blagojevich for the California referral service

Next, they'll be selling wigs!

(When the Beatle's first came to America, to be on the Ed Sullivan Show), there was a wig mania. Too bad this LA guy couldn't do an Elvis impersonation. Now, that would have been inspired. /s

Can't we just get on with indicting Barry for taking kickbacks for the 2003 Health Facilities Planning Board legislation?

The truth is Scumbag Rod is guilty. As one of many taxpayers\victims of Scumbag Rod and trusty side kick King Rat Quinn. I was denied fair and impartial consideration regardless of merit of request because I refused to contribute money or time to Scumbag Rod's or King Rat Quinn campaign and openly criticized the puppets at the Prisoner Review Board to outside sources which directly impacted my ability to support my family; now that may be a joke to Scumbag Rod, and King Rat Quinn, however definitely not a joke to me. Both Rod and King Rat Quinn are SCUM, and are the worst filth Illinois government has ever produced. Scumbag Rod was nothing more than a egotistical coward who grew too big for his political shorts and needed to be reminded how small him, Patti, and the entire Mel family really are, King Rat Quinn is a spineless coward who lack the IQ, courage, and sincere motivation to really address the needs of the Illinois taxpayers, and is doing nothing more the perpetuating the same level of corruption as Scumbag Rod. This trial may be a joke to Scumbag Rod and his over paid 2.2 million dollar defense; make no doubt Scumbag Rod this is not a joke to the sincere law makers who you have betrayed due to your interest in personal gain, or Law Enforcement who you think you can make a joke of, or the Illinois Taxpayers who continue to be victims!

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