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Bettors, bookies believe odds stacked against Rod Blagojevich

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Whether Rod Blagojevich is innocent or guilty is a gamble -- literally.

Bettors and bookies are hedging their bets on whether the ex-governor will be toted off to prison.

And with the jury heading into its fifth day of deliberations today, the gamblers' numbers don't look good for Blagojevich.

Intrade, an Ireland-based online predictions market, forecasted an 82 percent chance Monday that Blagojevich would be convicted.

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There are two brothers that are of the Blagojevich name and then the other Blogojevich listed below?

I voted for John Anderson.

Call me crazy, but I think Blago might walk, if only because the jury seem like idiots---requests for testimony of the whole trial? Weren't they there? Weren't they taking notes like they should've been?...requests for the closing arguments? Who the heck do these jurors think they are?!

I'm willing to bet that there are at least a few jurors who feel the prosecution didn't prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Now, whether they're willing to budge or they'll cause a hung jury, we'll find of these days.

I've seen horses rated to win, lose races. I've seen people betting money on horses. While for Rod Blagojevich, it was always an uphill battle! What he did do, however, is FIGHT BACK! And, ya know what? Our "justice system" loses when people joke that a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich.

While over at Duke, the LaCrosse Team was hung out to dry. While, with the best of luck, one of the accused kids had stopped at an ATM machine, and did NOT toss out his paper receipt! So, the alibi stuck.

In the long run, we all found out the kid did not rape the whore. And, finally, a bit of justice was actually done. Because the prosecutor lost his law license.

Libby, meanwhile, cost dubya political capital. And, to me, Dubya still looks like a loser! Libby, however, was convicted on "hot air" charges cooked up by none other than Patrick Fitzgerald.

While, as I've said, Martha Stewart went to jail, and she wasn't forced to sell her media empire for nickels on the dollar! Even better, her empire grew even more successful! And, America forgave their cooking queen.

The blood lust among democraps is even worse than when the elder Bush tried to block Ronald Reagan from the nomination, back in 1980. (And, if anyone here is a political buff, they know that John Anderson's 3rd party, independent run, peeled off voters who didn't want to vote for Reagan. And, who didn't want to vote for Carter's second term, either.) Politics is a very, very dirty business. And, Hardball! No surprises.

But, today? Say "Nixon" ... and people remember.

Maybe, that's the best outcome Rod Blagojevich and his brother can hope for?

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