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Witness: I told Robert Blagojevich about Jesse Jackson Jr. and campaign money

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

When Rajinder Bedi returns to the stand, he testifies only that Jesse Jackson Jr. said he was interested in the Senate seat appointment during in an Oct. 28 meeting where Raghu Nayak was also present.

"Was there also a conversation about fund-raising?" Prosecutor Chrisopher Niewoehner asked.

"Yes there was," Bedi said.

Niewoehner then changes topics. Without jurors present, Niewoehner earlier said that Bedi would testify that Nayak said he could tell then Gov. Rod Blagojevich he'd raise $1 million in campaign cash for Jackson's appointment. Jackson was present at the meeting.

Bedi said he met with Robert Blagojevich, the governor's fund-raising chair at the time, later that same day at 2:30 p.m. at a Lincoln Square Starbucks.

Niewoehner: "Did you talk about Congressman Jackson?"

Bedi said yes. He relayed to Robert Blagojevich: "That congressman is very interested and Raghu Nayak is very close to the Congressman ... and Nayak (was) interested in Jackson getting appointed."

"I mentioned that Raghu Nayak could raise a lot of money and he's also interested in getting the congressman appointed ... Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr," Bedi said.

Robert Blagojevich's response, according to Bedi: "My brother will never appoint him to the Senate seat if President Obama wins the presidency."

"He said that Congress Jesse Jackson Jr. never endorsed him in his first election and
'I don't see that happening.'"

"He said Raghu Nayak can talk to the governor himself about the rest," Bedi said.

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