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Tony Rezko cut Patti Blagojevich $40,000 check at the same time Blagojeviches needed $40,000 for home repairs.

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Reporting with Sarah Ostman

Through its latest witness, prosecutors are following the money trail from Tony Rezko to pay for contractors who worked on a major Blagojevich home renovation.

Prosecution witness Robert Williams, Rezmar Chief Financial Office, read off the list of contractors who did work on the Blagojevich family's Ravenswood Manor home.

The main contractor and the subcontractors all were companies tied to Rezko.

The total amount to be paid to the various subcontractors at that time in January of 2004: $39,966.68.

Williams previously said Rezko asked him to pay $40,000 to Patti Blagojevich during the same time frame. Though the money purported to be commission for the sale of a condo unit, Williams said he wasn't aware of any work Patti Blagojevich did to earn the commission.

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This $40,000 check from rezko to patti was a "total coincidence."

I'll tell you what your missing...The prosecution lied about Tony Rezko cooperating and now they have to get their testimony from a proxy who has NO first hand knowlege of anything...They used a clever smoke and screen method with the $200. neck ties and spending sprees so the public and the jury would have that stuck in thier pretty little heads for the 3 day weekend. Instead of the fact that consultants and real estate agents often work from home and on the road and not from the office...
Let's face it Bill, it looks like Obama can do what ever he pleases with NO consequences...He wasn't nominated President, he was crowned King.

Rezko sending Patti appreciation for home repairs a crime. Obama giving Obama appreciation on the house in Kenwood A-OK. What am I missing here?

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