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State ethics officer: Rod Blagojevich completed ethics training

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A state of Illinois ethics officer has taken the stand and is explaining state ethics laws and training required of state officials.

David Keahl, director of ethics training and compliance for the state's Office of the Executive Inspector General, testifies that state officials are required to complete ethics training once a year.

It's an online computer program with about 100 screens on ethics laws, like what political activities are banned, what gifts are prohibited, etc. Prosecutors show a list of officials who have completed the training, pointing out Rod Blagojevich's name on the list.

At this point, defense attorneys call a sidebar. There is a short pause while they discuss with the judge.

Back on the floor, prosecutor Reid Schar asks Keahl to read aloud from a state employee training manual. He reads from Rod Blagojevich's written introduction to state workers:

"When I became governor of this great state, one of my goals was to ... restore citizens' trust in their government," Keahl reads the ex-governor's words from the stand. "If you break these rules, you will pay a price. You can lose your job and you can go to jail."

Keahl is reading portions of the document aloud that discuss bribery, kickbacks and conflicts of interest.

Sam Adam Jr. is now crossing.

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