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State ethics officer: General counsel Bill Quinlan tasked with ethics in Governor's Office

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In his cross-examination, Sam Adam Jr. questions state ethics training director David Keahl on who is charged with ethics oversight in the Governor's Office. The answer is that office's ethics officer -- in 2003 through 2006, general counsel Bill Quinlan.

"One of the things you brought up today that if you have any questions regarding if something is legal or not, you go and ask questions of the ethics officer. Is that true?" Adam asks. Keahl says yes.

The prosecution is repeatedly objecting to Adam's questioning, which continues to focus on Quinlan. Adam keeps responding in an extremely deferential tone: "Yes, your Honor, yes, your Honor."

With that, Keahl is off the stand.

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I think the prosecution knows that if Quinlan never said a word to Blago about possible violations and was there for many of the discussions then who's really at fault since the state guidelines say to ask Quinlan. This is kind of a hole in the case it seems to me. Why isn't Quinlan also on trial then or been punished? This all would have been much easier to prosecute if the feds allowed Blago to get the job/money/whatever instead of arresting him when they did. Were they afraid that in addition to Blago they would have the side that gave him something to prosecute? Could this have been Rahm or Madigan or Jesse Jr? By arresting Blago when they did they hurt their case. Also, the tape where Blago says Obama was more Tony'd up them him was interesing. Was he referring that Obama and Tony Rezko had more deals going then him?

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