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Sources: Gov. Rod Blagojevich doesn't plan to testify

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Sources told the Chicago Sun-Times that Blagojevich is unlikely to take the stand and that his lawyers told U.S. District Judge James Zagel they plan to rest their case without calling a single witness. However, Zagel asked them in a private conference to think about it over night.

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Before adjourning for the day, Zagel conferred privately with the attorneys in the case and told the defense lawyers to take tonight to think over their decision, according to the sources. Zagel said the trial would resume at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The former governor had been expected to testify in his own defense starting this afternoon but did not take the stand.

Earlier today, during a lunchtime break in the trial, Blagojevich's lead attorney, Sam Adam Jr., wouldn't say whether Blagojevich would testify.

And Adam's father and co-counsel, Sam Adam Sr., said only: "Nothing is a certainty."

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Darn, I was hoping that he would testify and nail every one of those self-serving people he hired and foisted up the state as management.
I wanted to see him throw Rezko, Wyma, Monk, Cullerton, Madigan, et all under the bus and spill whatever unsavory beans he knows about all of the crooks who've worked for state government for years, including those from Chicago AND downstate. That would be a show!

There are a couple a questions people should be asking. Why did the feds seal John Thomas's file and then let him walk. Who told John Chase about the wiretaps the feds had going. Why would Blago's attorney's not call John Chase to the stand to get this answered ? ( it would not hurt Blago, it could only help him )

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