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Sam Adam Jr: "You know who didn't get arrested? Jesse Jackson Jr."

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Reporting with Natasha Korecki, Dave McKinney and Abdon Pallasch

Sam Adam Jr. continues to make jurors and onlookers chuckle as he echoes another common defense argument -- that Rod Blagojevich's only crime was talking too much.

"If you had Joan and Melissa Rivers in a room you wouldn't hear that much talk," Adam yells, drawing laughter in the courtroom. "That's just the way he is."

"They arrested Rod Blagojevich," Adam continues. "You know who didn't get arrested? Jesse Jackson Jr."

Neither side called Rep. Jackson to the stand to explain whether he authorized his supporter, Raghu Nayak, to offer to raise money -- $1.5 million or $6 million, depending whose testimony you believe - in exchange for appointing Jackson to Barack Obama's Senate seat. Nor did either side call Nayak.

Instead, Rajinder Bedi testified that Nayak offered to raise money if Jackson was appointed. Bedi said Jackson was present for that conversation but Bedi did not say whether Jackson chimed in.

Adam shouted that prosecutors ought to explain to jurors why Jackson was not arrested when they get up to do their rebuttal.

"Objection as to who was arrested, who was not arrested," a prosecutor said.

"Sustained," Judge Zagel said. "The remark is stricken. Jurors are instructed to disregard."

Prosecutors are rising to object every few minutes and Zagel is sustaining all their objections. Usually, it takes a few sentences from Adam - being delivered loud and rapid-fire - before their objection penetrates.

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I can't tell you a single thing good either one of them has done. But he will walk and he's guilty as Hell.

I'm really surprised Jackson Jr. was not arrested, he was obviously seeking to occupy the seat, at whatever cost. As far as I'm concerned both he and his father should be drummed out of politics. Someone please tell me somthing good they've both done.

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